Dr. Glennis Adam and Martin Ditmore Collection


Glennis L. Adam and Marty Ditmore


13 cu ft


Training audio cassettes, training manuals, magazines, books, and artifacts relating to aircraft and flying; navigational and drafting instruments; Aero maps, FAA Advisor Circulars, 1981 National Transportation Safety Board Investigation regards the Air Traffic Control after the PATCO strike; 1982 FAA Report on Management and Employee Relations; books: Federal Airways Sts, Commercial Air Transportation System; stamps of classic aircraft; manuscript of the History of the Queen's Regiment as it Appeared to the U.S. 1914-1918, by G. W. Javies and H. E. Friend.

Slides of Scotland; papers and weaving related to Chiapas, Mexico; Concert programs, England & U.S.


Dr. Glennis Adam is an Experimental Psychologist who specialized in Air Traffic Control Operations and Training. She is also a pilot. Dr. Adam lives in Las Cruces, NM.

Martin “Marty” Ditmore, 1933-2017 was a native of Pittsburgh, PA. He worked as a System Engineer at MITRE Corp. in McLean, VA for many years and retired to Las Cruces, N.M. in 1996.


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