Parry Larsen Collection


Parry Larsen


3 cu ft


NM Dept of Game & Fish, Diaries 1957-1970; Field notes, Colorado & Alaska 1971-1992; Literature Review 1960-1961;
Slides, 35mm & 2x2 including New Mexico, Colorado, Mexico, California, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Alaska, wildlife and birds; 17 wildlife and ski film


Parry Larsen is a wildlife specialist who is an authority on Bighorn Sheep and Mexican Lobo wolves. He is a former employee of the NM Game and Fish Department. Larsen’s work has been primarily in New Mexico and Colorado. He was the first person to graduate with a Master’s Degree in Wildlife Science from New Mexico State University.

In addition to his professional collections, Larsen’s holdings also include film footage of his mother, Alice Parry, who was a dancer with the Gayettes of 1919 and traveled with the McIntyre and Heath Vaudeville Show and later the Al Jolson Roadshow. There is also footage of Alice Parry dancing in front of the Harvey House in Santa Fe, NM, now La Fonda.

Larsen’s brother, Larry Larsen, was a member of the Mouseketeers in the 1950s. Film of Larry Larsen practicing for his audition is in the IHSF collection.


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