Lashley Collection


Sue and Douglas Lashley


½ cu ft


52 Brass rubbings by Margaret Lashley with accompanying papers; Slides and photographs of Europe and the U.S.; Cassettes and VHS recordings


Sue and Douglas Lashley donated their mother’s collection of brass rubbings and photographic images of Europe and the U.S. Sue Lashley also donated cassettes and VHS recordings.

Margaret Lashley was born in 1909 in Del Rio, TX and died in 2008 in Las Cruces, NM. A graduate of Southern Methodist University, Margaret taught kindergarten in Port Acres, TX where she met her husband, Latham Lashley. Latham worked for Gulf Oil for many years, including seven years in England. It was during their time in England that Margaret did the rubbings of the medieval brass burial plaques on tombs. She and Latham travelled in both Europe and the U.S. and her photographic collections reflect their travels.


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