Michael Laurance Collection


Michael Laurance, 2004, 2005, 2007


Twenty-one cubic foot


Negatives, proofs, slides, photos, oversize posters, books.


Duncan Michael Laurance was born in Dunedin, FL, on September 18, 1941. "Mike," as he was known to his many friends, led an amazing, colorful, and diverse life. As a professional photographer, some of his clients included American Airlines, The Rolling Stones, and Richard Dreyfuss. Nationally recognized for both his editorial and photographic illustrations, Mike's work appeared in such publications as Time, Life, Playboy, and National Geographic magazines. His work included directing advertising and public relations departments for both Kodak and Bell & Howell. Mike's works have been exhibited at the International Center for Photography, the Kennedy Gallery, Boston Museum, and the Los Angeles Center for Photography.

In 1995, Mike earned his Master of Arts from New Mexico State University and was an instructor in the Photojournalism Department. He was active in the Las Cruces Community Theater and served as President at one time. Mike established a graphics design, advertising, and photography business in Las Cruces and did contract work for various magazines, organizations, restaurants and tourism entities. He was the Chairman of the Dona Ana County Republican Party from 2001 to 2003 and worked with the New Mexico Republican Party as Grassroots Field Coordinator.

Mike was a driving force in establishing New Mexico as a new powerhouse in the film industry. His efforts to bring media to the Mesilla Valley culminated in the Creative Media Institute at New Mexico State University, which he helped found. His work as Director of Operations and tireless and patient teaching at NMSU and the Doña Ana Community College ensured the success of many students in achieving their creative goals. Mike lost his battle with cancer May 24, 2007.


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