The Harold H. Parsons Collection


Margaret Parsons Swenson


Approximately 4400 slides, 92 reels movie film, 59 audio cassettes, 21 audio reels, 80 commercial 45rpm records


Extensive collection of films and photographs dating from 1939 to the late 1980s. Many films have accompanying narrations on audio reels or cassettes which were used for various local shows. The earlier years of films and photographs are primarily domestic travels, including a film of Alaska in 1941 and the Navajo Nation in 1942. Later films and slides feature international travel in some 70 countries, including New Guinea, Bali Islands, Spain, Guatemala/Yucatan, Easter Islands, India, China, Hong Kong, Bhutan, Africa, Denmark, Norway, Bulgaria, Around the World, and many others. A complete list of films is available upon request.


Dr. Harold H. Parsons, 1903-1992, was a long time resident and medical doctor in Moline, Illinois. He and his wife, Ellen, had four children: Robert, Margaret, William and Carolyn. Summer travel adventures were planned every year and resulted in a lifelong interest in both travel and photography. During his lifetime Dr. Parsons was active in many organizations in Moline including the Tri-City Movie club, the Movie Club, Color Shooters, and the Quad City Color Slide Club.


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