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Research may be conducted by contacting us at research@ihsf.org with the name of the city, state, church and name of the person in question and any other information you may have and we will research the item. Research fees are based on difficulty of search; the base cost is $25.00 for every hour or portion thereof.

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Alamogordo NM St. John 1902-Present
Albuquerque NM St. John 1879-Present
    Hope+in+the+Desert 1999-Present
    Holy Spirit 1977-1982
    Our Lady in the Valley (was Our Saviour) 1995-Present
    St. Aiden - See St. Mary 1962-1989
    St. Chad 1975-Present
    St. Mark's on the Mesa 1949-Present
    St. Mary 1989-Present
    St. Matthew - See St. Mary 1955-1989
    St. Michael & All Angels 1951-Present
    St. Thomas of Canterbury 1959-Present
    Trinity 1994-2007
    S.S. Simon & Jude 1983-1989
Alpine TX St. James 1909-Present
Angel Fire NM Mission Station 1985-1990
Arrey NM St. John 1925-1950
Artesia NM St. Paul 1905-Present
Avery NM Unorganized Mission 1924-1926
Aztec NM Unorganized Mission 1910-1918
    St. Mark 1929-1962
Balmorhea TX St. Matthew 1962-1969
Belen NM St. Philip 1909-Present
Bloomfield NM St. Luke 1970-1978
Bluewater NM Unorganized Mission 1927-1928
Canutillo TX St. Jude 1916-1923
Capitan NM Unorganized Mission 1917-23, 1940-43
Carlsbad NM Grace 1891-Present
Carrizozo NM St. Paul 1916-1950
    St. Matthias 1980-Present
Carson's Post NM Indian Mission 1931-1978
Cedar Crest NM Church of the Holy Cross 1995-2000 See Edgewood
Cerrillos NM Unorganized Mission 1889-1924
Chama NM St. Jerome 1916-22, 1983-Present
Cimarron NM Unnamed 1881-1883
Clayton NM Unorganized Mission 1924-36, 1939-44
Cloudcroft NM Transfiguration 1925-1939
    Ascension 1966-Present
Clovis NM St. James 1909-Present
Columbus NM Trinity 1916-1928
    St. Anthony in the Desert 1980-1990
Conchas Dam NM Unorganized Mission 1939-1948
    St. David's by the Dam 1981-1985
Corona NM St. Saviour 1932-1945
Corrales NM San Gabriel the Archangel 2012-Present
Crownpoint NM Vincent & James Memorial 1945-1953
    St. Francis 1965-1969
Cutter NM St. Thomas 1923-1935
Datil NM St. Alban 1935-1947
Dawson NM Our Savior 1911-1923
    St. Timothy 1930-1945
Deming NM St. Luke 1886-Present
Dulce NM Unorganized Mission 1920-1922
East Las Vegas NM St. Paul See Las Vegas
Eddy NM Grace See Carlsbad
Edgewood NM Holy Cross 2000-Present
Elephant Butte NM Mission Station 1982-1983
El Paso TX All Saints 1956-Present
    Christ the King 1956-1991 See Holy Spirit
    Holy Spirit 1991-Present
    Lomaland Mission 1987-See Horizon City
    San Clemente Mission 1983-1990
    St. Alban 1922-Present
    St. Anne 1922-1977
    St. Christopher 1949-Present
    St. Clement 1896-2007
    St. Francis on the Hill 1975-Present
    St. Paul's by the Mountain 1980-See Holy Spirit
Engle NM St. Mark 1919-1950
Espanola NM St. Stephen 1914-Present
Estancia NM St. Alban 1914-1936
Eunice NM All Saints 1954-1957
    St. Timothy 1962-1981
Farmington NM Unorganized Mission 1900-1908
    St. John 1909-Present
    San Juan Indian Mission 1917-1978
Farwell TX   See Texico
Faywood NM Unorganized Mission 1916-1920
Florence NM Unorganized Mission 1908-1909
Ft. Bayard NM Unorganized Mission 1883-1931 Intermittent
Ft. Bliss TX Unorganized Mission 1916-1920
Ft. Davis TX Unorganized Mission 1896 and 1903
    St. Peter 1915
    St. Columba 1921-1937 Intermittent
    St. David 1939-1979 Intermittent
    Chapel of the Holy Angles 1980-1982
Fort Stanton TX Unorganized Mission 1918-1925
    Our Redeemer 1927-1963
Ft. Stockton TX St. John 1914-1917
    St. Alban 1917-1945
    St. Stephen 1951-Present
Fort Sumner NM Unorganized Mission 1911-1913
    St. John 1914-Present
Fort Union TX Unorganized Mission 1880-1890
Fort Wingate TX Unorganized Mission 1909-1961 Intermittent
Fruitland NM Unorganized Mission 1944
    St. Michael 1951-1956
    St. Charles 1957-1971
    St. Michael 1972-1978
Gallup NM Emmanuel / Holy Spirit 1892-Present
Gibson NM Unorganized Mission 1919-1924
Glencoe NM Unorganized Mission 1918-1924
    Unnamed Mission 1927
    Transfiguration 1928-1933
    St. Anne 1934-Present
Glenwood NM Unorganized Mission 1924-1930
Glorietta NM Unorganized Mission 1918-1926 Intermittent
Grants NM Unorganized Mission 1927-1934
    All Saints 1954-Present
Hagerman NM Unorganized Mission 1905-1908
    St. Thomas 1919-1922
Hanover NM Unorganized Mission 1921-1923
Hatch NM Grace 1918-1996
Hill NM St. Mary 1920-1950
Hillsboro NM Christ 1894-Present
Hobbs NM Unorganized Mission 1931-1934
    Holy Trinity 1935-1944
    St. Christopher 1945-Present
Hogback Area NM St. Mary 1962-1972
Horizon City TX Incarnation / St. Brendan 1975-2006
Hot Springs NM St Paul - See TorC 1921-1954
Hovey TX Unorganized Mission 1921-1924
Hurley NM Unorganized Mission 1914-1923
Iraan TX Unorganized Mission 1932-1934
    St. Paul 1934-1942
Kimbetoh NM Unorganized Mission 1944-1946
Kingston NM St. George 1890-1897
    Transfiguration 1950-1969 Intermittent
Kirkland NM St . Michael 1956-1970
Lajitas TX Santa Inez (SS Mary & Joseph) 1981-Present
Lakeside NM Unorganized Mission 1910-1911
Lake Valley NM Unorganized Mission 1905-1919
    St. Columba 1920-1965
Lakewood NM Unorganized Mission 1911-1916
La Luz NM Unorganized Mission 1944-1945
La Mesa NM St. John 1909-1949
Lamy NM St. Peter 1917-1926
Langtry TX St. Mary 1914-1942
Las Cruces NM Church of the Holy Spirit 1973-1983
    St. Andrew 1914-Present
    St. Barnabas 1985-1991
Las Vegas NM Unorganized Mission 1876-1979
    St. Paul/Peace 1880-Present
La Union NM St. Luke 1916-Present
Lincoln NM San Juan Chapel 1993-Present
Lordsburg NM Unorganized Mission 1920
    Trinity 1922-1924
    Unnamed 1928-1931
    Christ 1943
    St. Paul 1945-1969 Intermittent
Los Alamos NM Unorganized Mission 1946-1949
    Trinity on the Hill 1950-Present
Los Cerrillos NM Unnamed See Cerrillos
Los Lunas NM St. Matthews 1999-Present
Loving NM Unorganized Mission 1910-1914
Lovington NM Unorganized Mission 1931-1935
    Resurrection 1954-56
    St. Mary 1957-Present
Magdalena NM Unnamed 1916-1919
    St. Mary Magdalene 1920-1945
Marathon TX Unorganized Mission 1919-1928
Marfa TX UnNamed / St. Paul 1896-Present Intermittent
Mesilla NM Grace 1871-1876
Mesilla Park NM St. James 1877-Present
Milan NM All Saints - See Grants
Mogollon NM Unorganized Mission 1921-1929
Montoya NM Unorganized Mission 1917-1921
Organ NM St. Augustine 1916-1949
Pecos NM St. Matthew 1936-1943
Pecos TX St. Mark 1896-Present
Pinos Altos NM Unorganized Mission 1914-1924
Placitas NM St. Francis 1973-1975
Portales NM Unorganized Mission / Trinity 1905-Present
Presidio TX Unorganized Mission 1924-1934
    Our Redeemer 1935-1945
    St. Jude 1963-1973
    San Salvador 1984-1985
    Our Savior 1986-1988
    Big Bend Mission 1988-Present
Quemado NM Unorganized Mission 1984-1986
Raton NM Unorganized Mission 1881-1906
    Holy Trinity 1907-Present
Red River NM Unorganized Mission 1964-1965
    Transfiguration 1965-1969
    St. Edward 1981
    St. Edwin 1982-1989
Reserve NM Unorganized Mission 1943-1945
Rincon NM Unorganized Mission 1911
    St. Peter 1924-1950
Rio Rancho NM Holy Apostles / See St. Francis 1973-1991
    Holy Trinity / See St. Francis 1991-1994
    St. Simon of Cyrene / See St. Francis 1988-1990
    St. Francis 1994-Present
Roswell NM Unorganized Mission 1894
    St. Andrew 1895-Present
    St. Thomas A'Beckett 1964-2006
Ruidosa TX Our Lady of Guadalupe 1981-1984
Ruidoso NM Holy Mountain 1943-1946
    St. Matthew 1950
    Holy Mount 1950-Present
Salem NM St. Philip 1927
Sanderson TX Unorganized Mission 1914-1915
    St. David 1915-1942 Intermittent
    St. Elizabeth 1943-1948
San Marcial NM Unorganized Mission 1890-1893
    Christ 1894-1932
Sandoval Co. NM Unorganized Mission 1966-1968
Santa Fe NM Christ the King / Holy Family 1993-Present
    Good Shepherd 1868-1870
    St. Thomas 1871-1879
    Holy Faith 1879-Present
    St. Bede 1962-Present
    St. Thomas the Apostle 2001-Present
Santa Rita NM St. Matthew 1911-1930
Santa Rosa NM Unorganized Mission 1917-1920
Shafter TX Holy Innocents 1922-1938
Shiprock NM St. Augustine 1957-1978
Sierra Blanca NM Unorganized Mission 1918-1925
Silver City NM Unorganized Mission 1880-1888
    Good Shepherd 1889-Present
Socorro NM Unorganized Mission 1886-1890
    Epiphany 1891-Present
Springer NM Unorganized Mission 1937-1941
Study Butte NM Unorganized Mission 1982-1994 Intermittent
    St. Joseph of Arimathaea 1995-1997
Taos NM Holy Apostles 1916-1944
    St. James 1945-Present
Terilingua TX St. Jude 1979-Present
Texico-Farwell NM St. Matthew 1923-1935
Thoreau NM Unorganized Mission 1924
Timberon NM Unnamed 1985
Toyha TX St. James 1922-1985
    St. Stephen 1923-1923
T or C NM St. Paul 1951-Present
Tucumcari NM St. Michael 1908-1928
    St. Matthew (Spurious) 1928-1932
    St. Andrew (Spurious) 1933-1942
    St. Michael 1942-Present
Tularosa NM Unorganized Mission 1916-1927, 1934
Tyrone NM Unorganized Mission 1916-1934
Valentine TX Unorganized Mission 1919-1935
Valley Ranch NM Unorganized Mission 1937-1939
Valmora NM Unorganized Mission 1916-35, 1943-59
Van Horn TX Unorganized Mission 1919-1922
    St. Peter 1963-1991
Wagon Mound NM Unorganized Mission 1947-1959
Watrous NM Unorganized Mission 1880-1959 Intermittent
White Rock NM St. Peter 1966-1969
White Sands NM Unorganized Mission 1961-1973
    St. Martin of Tours 1982-1983


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