Gallery Binek
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Taxidermy bear
Noah\'s Ark, St. Charles, Missouri
Moonbeam McSwine, P-51 aircraft
Moonbeam McSwine, P-51 aircraft
Noah's Ark Motor Inn, St. Charles, Missouri
Drag line at Binek coal mine
Railroad car in Old Tucson
Southern Pacific Lines depot, Old Tucson
Aerial view of sprinkler irrigation in King City, California
Armored rocket launcher, St. Charles, Missouri
Hoover Dam
Hearst Castle, California
Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam
Volkswagon bus in the mountains, Canada
Fire Station, Fort Erwin, California
Armored personnel carrier, Fort Erwin, California
Yuma Territorial Prison
Airshow, Helicopters display banners - "Go Army"
Ruby Mine Saloon, King City, California
Airshow, Helicopters fly in formation