Otis Farmer Collection


Otis A. Farmer


Eight folders


WWII - Japan
Girl Scouts in Mexico, 1969
Dust Bowl, 1930's


Otis A. Farmer was born November 10, 1927, on a non-irrigated, sandy, 480 acre farm near Hugoton, Kansas. There he attended a
one-room, one-teacher school through the 8th grade, during the depression in the heart of the "Dust Bowl."

He volunteered for the Army after graduating from high school in 1945, and spent time in Tokyo, Japan, as a photographic supply Sergeant during the occupation of Japan after WWII. Otis attended West Texas State University in 1950-51, before returning to WTSU and graduating in 1956. The father of four children, Otis taught two years in Los Alamos, NM, worked as a staff member at the Los Alamos National Lab from 1958-1985, after which he retired to Las Cruces.


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