Abramowitz Collection


Col. Benjamin L. Abramowitz, U. S. Army, Retired, 2006


Four folders


Journal, Leadership and Ethical Decision Making, Fulbright Experience in the Ukraine; military papers, clippings related to his father's military service in the US Army signal corps through both world wars, his sons, and his grandsons; slides 1945-50, 50s, 60s


Col. Benjamin Abramowitz was born in 1934. He is the son of Rueben Abramowitz, who served during World War I as an artilleryman. After the war, Rueben was sent to the 9th Signal Service Company and worked to decipher Japanese code a decade before World War II. At the end of the war, Reuben was commissioned to lead a signal school in Germany. His son, Ben, became one of the first students in the U.S.-run Ansbach Elementary School, and determined to follow his father's path and become a soldier, and now Ben's sons are also following the path.



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