Independent Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.) Cemetery

Las Cruces, New Mexico

The following list reflects the names recorded on tombstones in the I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Las Cruces, NM. Surviving tombstones have been photographed and existing information on each stone has been thoroughly documented. Photocopies of all information are available for $25.00 per individual name, plus s&h. Please contact us at for additional information.

    Adair, Edwin A.
    Adair, Louis J.
    Alton, Eugene Newman
    Anderson, Fredrick A.
    Baird [?], Dalphia
    Barnes, Edward
    Barnes, Horace N.
    Bascom, Cordelia
    Baugh, Avia A. (Turney)
    Bean, Samuel
    Bean, Samuel G.
    Bean, Dora
    Bean, Mother
    Bean, Sammy
    Bean, Lupita
    Bell, Nellie
    Benson, Lucie
    Bomback, John S.
    Booth, Erastus
    Bradford, Hattie A.
    Broughton, Robert
    Brown, John S.
    Cage, Caroline Louise
    Casey, Edwin E.
    Clippard, Carolyn
    Cockerell, Annie Fenn
    Coffelt, James
    Crapps, Carroll J.
    Dalrymple, George B.
    Dalrymple, Grace W.
    DeMier, Baby Shields
    DeMier, Eugene
    DeMier, Eliza J.
    DeMier, John R.
    Donnell, Minnie
    Engleright, Mina
    Gale, Mattie Perry
    Gillette, William Gilson
    Goodrich, Ruland J.
    Graff, Fred C.
    Granger, Gertrude
    Gross, Anastasia
    Gross, Palmyra
    Gross, Louis
    Gross, Dominica
    Gulley, Clay
    Hawkins, Nannie
    Hayner, Nellie
    Heck, James B.
    Hutchinson, Jean C.
    Johanson, John G.
    Jones, Samuel J.
    Kelly, Ivan Tate
    Kelly, Lawrence R.
    Kercher, Rachel M.
    Kimball, Mary S.
    Kropp, Anna
    Kropp, R.E.K.
    Laffler, James E.
    Lee, Matilda Caroline
    Lewis, Sarah
    Link, Benjamin
    Livingston, Jane F.
    Luckenbacher, C.E.
    Martin, W.C.
    May, John & Elizabeth
    McKinney, Hashley
    Milmine, Geo.
    Morgan, Roy
    Mundy, James Herbert
    O’Hair, Robert
    Parker, Billy Smith
    Patchett, Maude M.
    Peacock, Baby Luther
    Phillips, Thomas D.
    Phillips, Thomas
    Post, Albert B.
    Price, Fredrick E.
    Puffer, Ethel A.
    Reed, C.D.R.
    Robinson, Myrtle
    Ruhle, Louise E.
    Scott, L.L.
    Scott, Ben
    Sessoms, Lou
    Shaw, [Thelma]
    Smith, Mrs. H.C.
    Smith, Henry Clay
    Steel, Samuel
    Steel, Eliza
    Steel, Samuel A.
    Stettmund, Edward H.
    Sullivan, John D.
    Tate, Maria Elizabeth
    Taylor, Teacumpsey
    Taylor, Edmonia Louise
    Taylor, Sue
    Thompson, Ida
    Turney, Avia A. Baugh
    [U.S. Dragoons]
    Van Winkle, Corpl.
    Viscarra, Walter Ivan
    Witt, Sgt. Burton


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