Micrographic Services

IHSF offers a variety of microfilm and duplicating services including large-format documents (architectural/engineering drawings), posters, graphs, books, transcripts and traditional office print-outs. The images may be captured on 35mm or 16mm (non-perforated silver) reels and/or microfiche formats.

IHSF also can duplicate pre-filmed reels on silver.


• Master filming
35mm and 16mm reels (silver)
• Duplicates
35mm and 16mm (silver, negative)
• Processing
35mm and 16mm reels (silver)
35mm and 16mm pre-filmed reels (silver)
• Paper copies from 35mm and 16mm reels
• Indexing

Contact IHSF at info@ihsf.org for current pricing information and to place an order. Partial pre-payment is required. Turnaround time varies, depending on size of order.


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