George Berthelon Collection


George Berthelon


Five cubic feet


The George Berthelon collection consists of his family and military papers.


George Eugene Berthelon was born on January 14, 1905, to a French mother. On February 21, 1935, he married Edith Hunter Lewis. George served in the United States Army during WWII. He remained in Bavaria, Germany after the war to work in the Army Welfare Division. He was an active member of the American Red Cross before, during, and after the war. George Berthelon is noted for his work with German orphans and concentration camp survivors. He returned to Mesilla Park after the war and became a real estate agent. He and his wife had two daughters (Edith Louise and Georgia).

See also: Brian Kord's thesis, "Public Welfare in Occupied Germany 1945". Las Cruces, NM: NMSU, 2003. The Berthelon papers were used extensively for research on this thesis topic.


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