Archive Collections E


• Eade, The Fr. Kenneth
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Eads, Marha
Photos: Preacher Lewis/St James

• Eaton, Charles & Pauline
Papers: Life-time artist's collection including Society of Layerists in Multimedia; manuscripts, ledgers, postcards, exhibit scrapbooks, etc.
Photos: Slides of art work & travels
A/V: Sabatical DVDs w/transcripts; Video cassettes

• Ebinger, Virginia
Papers: Materials regarding Preacher Lewis

• Edge, Jane
Papers: Quitclaims and Abstracts, Las Cruces, NM

• Edwards, Terry
Photos: Boy Scouts, travel
Artifacts: Boy Scout memorabilia

• Eggleston, Erwin W
Photos: Slides
A/V: Equipment, LPs, Films

• Ellington, Cher
Photos: Scrapbooks, 1930s-1970s

• Ellington, Roberta Lynn
A/V: 70mm film-projection possibilities

• Elliott, Kent
A/V: 16mm Films

• Ellison, Bruce
Photos: Travel, primarily west coast, U.S.

• Ellison, Mary Elizabeth (Barrie)
Papers: Fr. John Ellison (Rev)

• Emerick, Sara
Papers: Christian Day Nursery, Seaborn Collins, Lorretto Academy

• Emerson, Ralph
Papers: Military

• Endruweit, William
Papers: Military

• English, Loreli
Papers: Marine Corps Separation Papers

• Episcopal Church
Papers: Diocese of the Rio Grande: Diocesan, congregational & clergy records

• Epsilon Sigma Alpha, Gamma Zeta Chapter
Papers: Las Cruces scrapbooks and records

• Escobedo, Robert
Artifacts: Neckties

• Esker, Donald
Papers: Military manuscript

• Esparza, Sergio
A/V: LPs & CDs

• Esser, Phillip
Photos: Photo of Trinidad TB20 & TB21

• Etzold, Mary
Photos: Slides

• Eubanks, Mrs. and The Rev. James
A/V: Sermons & service cassette tapes

• Evans, Gary
Photos: Race cars ca 1900, travel & World Vision slides

• Evans, Robert
Papers: A History of the Claude Porter Family by R. Evans

• Evans, Rube W
Papers: Family History



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