Archive Collections B


• Bahan, Wayne
Photos: Slides

• Bailey, Capt. R.J.
Photos: Military

• Bailey, Shirley
A/V: Audio tapes, 1976

• Baker, George
A/V: Korean War music, various

• Baker, Katie
Papers: News clippings, misc.
Photos: Photos
A/V: Tapes

• Baker, Lt. Col. Nina
Papers: Military Nursing WWII-Europe, Korea
Photos: WWII album
A/V: Tape recording-Overview of Army nurse career
Artifacts: Nursing uniforms

• Balcomb, Margaret VanD
Papers: Ross Calvin Log, Scrapbooks
Photos: Photo albums

• Baldock, Margret
Papers: Newspaper clippings
A/V: Misc film and cassettes

• Bale, Col. Edward L. and Sybil
Papers: Family, Ecclesiastical & KRWG Radio
Photos: Germany, Korea, Viet Nam

• Ballard, Lockett Ford
Papers: KRWG/NMSU radio, Gay and lesbian groups, legislation, personal papers
Photos: KRWG TV

• Bamberger, Margaret
Papers: St. Johns Episcopal Church, 1903-2003

• Barce, Mary
Photos: Photocopies of Sgt. George Gray Scrapbook

• Barclay III, Jack
Papers: First Edition Mesilla Valley Magazine, 1984
Photos: Slides: Germany, Austria, Philmont Scout Ranch, Military, Travel, Boy Scouts, various
A/V: Panama birthday party film, 1930

• Barello, Julia
Photos: Personal teaching collection of Art Slides

• Barlow, Pat
Papers: Musical scores

• Barnett, Julie
Papers: Las Cruces Union High School newspaper, 1943

• Barnhill, Floyd
Photos: Various
A/V: DVDs, 8mm Films,VHS tapes

• Barnhill, Kenneth
Papers: Prayer book inscribed by Preacher Lewis

• Bartlett, Janet
Papers: Historic
Photos: Historic

• Barton, John
Papers: WWII Letters
Photos: Glass slides from England

• Basler, Marilyn
Papers: Father's sermons (Baptist)
Photos: Family Scrapbook
A/V: Music recordings

• Bason, Rod & Irene
Papers: Miscellaneous from Conoco, Roundtree Cotton Papers
Photos: Photos and Slides

Bates, Joseph
Papers: Military, Memorial Service records
Photos: Military; Slides of Hawaii coast circa 1960s
A/V: 16mm Film Reels from San Diego

Bates, Michael
Photos: Slides
A/V: Films

• Beach, Betty Jean
Papers: Legal Docs, Postcards, Clippings

• Beasley, Harlan
Papers: Military

• Beattie, Willard
Papers: Vintage City Maps
Photos: Metal Slides

• Beaty Jr., Orren & Mary
Papers: Estate of Orren Beaty, Jr., and Mary Beaty; Democratic Party materials; Military papers, correspondence, travel diaries.
Photos: Travel and family slides
Artifacts: Military memorabilia

• Beaty, Opal Waymire
Papers: Papers, Manuscripts & Correspondence
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Becchetti, Al
Papers: Military

• Beckett, Archie
Papers: Oral History Club, Las Cruces, NM
Photos: Family
A/V: Oral History Club

• Beckett, Elizabeth
Photos: Travel

• Beckett. Pat
Papers: Manuscript, misc.
Photos: Slides; CD of aerial Las Cruces

• Bell, Donald R.
Papers: Estate of Ray Bell & the rescue of Smokey Bear; Papers, Correspondence; Boy Scouts of America papers, clippings
Photos: Relating to discovery of Smokey Bear; Boy Scouts; Mrs. U. S. Savings Bond, 1969, Joy Berelemann, Univ. Park, NM

• Bell, Ross
Photos: Albums, slides
A/V: Films, cassettes

• Beloved, Vegabond
Papers: Misc.

• Bender, Janet
A/V: 8mm films

• Benfer, Col. Richard
Papers: Family
Photos: WSMR; Bell Labs

• Bennett, Carol
Papers: Mt. St. Alban Cathedral, Washington, DC, Bible Cards
Photos: Negatives from WWII, China
A/V: President Roosevelt's Address to Congress

• Bennett, John
Papers: Technical reports, pamphlets

• Bennett, Judy
Papers: Cemetery maps

• Bennett, Owen
Photos: Las Cruces, NM

• Bennett, Stephen
Photos: FDR at Casablanca

• Benson, Nancy
Photos: Slides
A/V: 16mm films

• Benusa, Tom
Photos: Travel slides

• Bergen, Eugene
Papers: Travel brochures
Photos: Travel slides, Slides of Africa

• Bergmann, Peter
A/V: "videos of John Meigs"

• Berroteran, Enrique (Henry)
Papers: Posters
Photos: Ballard's Studio, Las Cruces, NM; Glass negative of Benito Juarez; family photos

• Bersch, Peter
Photos: Slides (Alaska, etc.) Military
Artifacts: Japanese, Military

• Berthelon, George
Papers: Relating to WWII-Europe, Correspondence
Photos: Mesilla Valley, WWII

• Beserra, Wendy
Papers: Diaries of Margaret Grier

• Bhalla, Vijay
Artifacts: Board Games

• Bianco, John
Papers: Military

• Bigbee, John and Povy (LaFarge)
Papers: Family scrapbooks, ranch and farm appraisals
Photos: Family, including Peter LaFarge
A/V: Peter LaFarge recordings; Movies, 1947-1970

• Billington, Dr. Monroe
Papers: Mesilla Park Heritage Association, 1980-99; Letter re: Dean Matthews to FDR, 1935 and Letter re: Hunter Lewis to FDR, 1935 (Copies)
Photos: Travel slides

• Billington, Wilma
Papers: Mesilla Park Heritage Assn
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Billstone, Elaine
Papers: Pacific Maps & Transcriptions

• Binek, Marvin
Photos: Airplanes, slides

• Bingham, George
Papers: Miscellaneous
A/V: Miscellaneous Records

• Binneweg, Johanna
Photos: Slides, Postcards

• Bird, Henry
Papers: Native American Ministry

• Bird, Gaylord
Papers: Estate of Gaylord Bird including family papers; Adobe construction magazines and papers
Photos: Cobre building systems, various; family & N.M.

• Bissonette, Bruce
Papers: Piper aircraft
A/V: Memoirs - recording and transcription

• Bissonette, Earl
Papers: Miscellaneous Newspapers and Clippings
Photos: Prints, Slides & Posters

• Bixby, Jodie
Photos: Panoramas Photo, African Americans harvesting cotton, 1914

• Blanchard, Suzanne
Papers: Piano Sheet music

• Black, Ray and Kathryn
Papers: Airplanes
Photos: Model airplanes
Artifacts: Model airplanes

• Black, Rick
Papers: Newspapers; Magazines; papers re: Vintage & Sports Cars
Photos: Slides

• Blackburn, The Rev. Glen A.
Papers: Manuscript

• Bladen, Dr. Wilford
Papers: Geographical, Trans-continental
Photos: Trans-continental excursion

• Blake, Dr. Bradley
Papers: The Elliott family papers, personal papers
Photos: India, Ireland, American Southwest (photos and negatives)

• Blake, Harry
Papers: St. Andrews, Roswell, Miscellaneous

• Blakely, Harold & Ann
Photos: Slides

• Blanton, Smokey
Photos: Vintage bear hunters, Ben Lilley and Levi Blevens
Artifacts: New Mexico Military Institute Uniform

• Bliss, Ralph
Papers: Postcards
Photos: Korea

• Bloom, John & Jo Tice
A/V: Family films, 1930 - 1955

• Blumkin, Manuel (Mannie)
Photos: General Hugh Milton and Blumkin

• Bogart, Peggy
Photos: Scrapbooks (Las Cruces, NM Farm Bureau and horse racing)

• Bohme Estate
Papers: Sermons, personal papers
Photos: Episcopal Church

• Bolents, Eva Jane
Photos: U.S. Navy - WWII

• Bonfantini, Elsie
Papers: Art Books
Photos: Plaque's & Prints

• Bonfantini, Karen
Photos: WSMR Range Rider, AT&SF RR
A/V: Videos

• Boone, Bill
Papers: Map

• Borrett, Douglas and Sally
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Bosselait, Leo
Papers: New Guinea
Photos: New Guinea

• Bosselait, Paul
Papers: Diocese of Las Cruces & Roman Catholic programs; Space travel
Photos: Military & International travels; Slides with metadata
A/V: Miscellaneous

• Boteler, Sara
Photos: Nixon Library

• Bowden, Jean
Papers: Manuscript regarding Land Grant

• Bowman, Paul
Papers: 1980-83 Cash Ledger

• Bowman, Wanda
PhotosSlides of Travel, Scenery & Family

• Boykin, Ben
Papers: Autobiography of Garland L. Boykin

• Boykin, James
Papers: Military
Photos: Family slides
A/V: Home movies

• Boyle, Nelson
Papers: Thesis, class papers, various

• Branda, Michael R.
Photos: John E. Zaeiler

• Braun, Dietrich
Photos: Slides, Negatives

• Braun, Julius H.
Papers: Estate of Brigadier General Julius Braun Photos: Aviation & Space Travel
A/V: Aviation & Space Travel

• Bromilow, Dorothy
Papers: American Red Cross
Photos: American Red Cross
Artifacts: American Red Cross Uniforms from 1955

• Brooke, Anthony
A/V: WWII movie clips

• Brooks, Larry
Photos: Slides & Prints

• Brown, Anna
Papers: Norwest Bank

• Brown, Bill
Photos: Family Slides & Prints

• Brown, Marge
Papers: Memoirs

• Brown, Mary (Beppy)
Photos: Glass slides and prints

• Brown, Ron
Photos: Airplanes

• Brown, Ruth
Papers: Booklets from Deming Museum, Poetry including "The Horse".

• Brown, William C
A/V: Records & LPs

• Bruce, Dorothy
Photos: Miscellaneous Prints, Slides & Negatives

• Bruce, Walter & Peggy
Papers: Episcopal Synod of America

• Brummeler, Mary Margaret
Papers: Dr. Wesley Emmet journals, health articles, piano music
Photos: Slides
A/V: Records & VHS Tapes

• Bryant, Lynn & Lannie
Papers: Military newspapers & WWII Posters
Photos: White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) & Missile Firings
Artifacts: Sculptures of WWII Military Figures (U.S.)

• Brydon, Janet & Terry Canup
A/V: Film Reels and Projectors

• Buchanan, Lisa
Photos: Family and travel

• Buck, Don
A/V: Film Reels

• Buethe, "Cactus" Chris
Papers: Cowboy poems

• Buggart, Robert
Photos: Travel slides

• Buls, Chaplain Milton R.
Papers: Prayer for WWII Breakfast

• Bunting, Amy
Papers: Mother's trip to Pakistan - 1959-63
Photos: Volga Peace trips, 1984; Peace Cruise, 1986
A/V: Around the World, 1953

• Burkhardt, Jeanne
Papers: Dr. Herbert Bickling Gooden estate; Geneology; Family History
Photos: Family scrapbook

• Burkhardt, Ross
Papers: Middle School Education, Peace Corp., Manuscripts; Personal papers; Jeanne Garden Burkhardt family research
Photos: J. F. Kennedy Inaugural scrapbook; Middle school; family world travels, posters
A/V: Cassettes, VHS tapes of middle school projects
Artifacts: Political ephemera; African artifacts; Misc. personal items

• Burleson, Hugo
Papers: Family history, military

• Burns, Bob
A/V: Miscellaneous Records

• Burris, Hugh
Papers: Estate of Luta Ferguson; Frank Winston (Winston, NM) store ledgers; papers relating to mining &: cattle ranching; Winston history
Photos: Historical photos, primarily Winston, NM

• Bursum III, Holm O
Library: "The Burmsum of New Mexico"

• Burt, Margery
Photos: Family Prints

• Burton, Peggy
Papers: Washington Ranch

• Butcher, Geoffrey
A/V: Music Materials

• Butler, Frances
Papers: Episcopal Church

• Butler, Karen
A/V: Misc films

• Butler, Oscar and Rose
Photos: Silver City, New Mexico

• Byers, Joe
Papers: News clippings - Hobbs, New Mexico

• Byrd, Barthy
Artifacts: WWII prints by Douglas Greenbowe; WWII books

• Byrd, David
A/V: Family films 1930's - 50''s



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