Archive Collections


• Laing, Richard
Papers: Memoir of Vietnam; miscellaneous

• Lamb, Jerry
Photos: Diocese of Northern California

• Landis, Margaret
Papers: Ledgers re; Landis Brothers- Vietnam, Hong Kong 1957-1966

• Langston, Arnold
Papers: Notebook of war stories

• Larsen, Richard Charles
Papers: Scrapbook, military
Photos: Larsen Studio Archive, Southern New Mexico State Fair, military
Artifacts: Japanese flash reflector
A/V: Reel-to-reel tapes, radio ads, records

• Lashley, Sue & Doug
Artifacts: Brass rubbings
Photos: Slides of Europe & the United States

• Lassiter, Mrs Darrell
Photos: Military

• Laumbach, Karl
A/V: Oral history interviews

• Laurance, Michael
Photos: Photos, negatives, proofs

• Laurie, Philip
Papers: Simmons Institute of Funeral Services; music (jazz, etc.)
A/V: Jazz recordings and library

• Laverty, Ray
Photos: Glass negatives re: railroad train & workers, slides, railroad slides
A/V: Movies, 8mm film

• Layne, Richard
Papers: Community fallout shelter plan- Dona Ana County, Maps (William DeBoy estate) re: WWI, France, Ireland, Middle East
Artifacts: Shredded paper money, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Money Museum

• Layerists in Multimedia, Society of
Papers: 2011-2012

• Leachman, Jedediah
Papers: Military Journals, Korean War Armistice documents
Photos: Slided of polished stones
Books: "The Story of the Airship" by Hugh Allen (Copyright 1931)
Artifacts: Newspaper: "The Korean Republic" 1955

• Leaton, Melani
Papers: Scrapbook & misc papers- IOOF (Rebecca Lodge)
Artifacts: IOOF quilt (Rebecca Lodge)

• Lee, The Rev. James Henry
Papers: Sermons 19th & 20th centuries

• Leiby, Arthur
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Leonard, Carl and Lee Anngott Leonard
A/V: Clacy Leonard Collection of sound recordings.

• Lessman, Mary
Photos: Travel slides & photographs- Salsberry Estate

• Letchers, Savad
A/V: Miscellaneous Phonograph records in Arabic

• Lewis, Abby Seymour
Papers: Theatre, radio, film, NYC; Mesilla Park, NM
Photos: re: The Arts
Audio: re: The Arts

• Lewis, Beulah Lewis Smith
Papers: Lewis Family, Mesilla Park, NM
Photos: Lewis Family, Mesilla Park, NM

• Lewis, Sue Lewis Wimberly
Papers: Lewis Family, Mesilla Park, NM

• Lewis, Hunter Weymouth
Papers: Lewis Family, Mesilla Park, NM

• Lewis, Edy Lou Macdonald
Papers: Lewis Family, Mesilla Park, NM
Photos: Lewis Family, Mesilla Park, NM

• Leyendecker, Hivana
Papers: Family, military and New Mexico State Univ.
Photos: Family and travel

• Leyendecker, Phillip
Papers & A/V: Life and Times tape, CD, and transcript

• Ligon, Carla
Photos: Special Olympics, Las Cruces (copies)

• Ligon, David
Papers: David Lore, 1906-1918

• Lindbeck, Lloyd
A/V: Wire recordings; family films
Photos: Slides - farming in the Mesilla Valley, NM; family

• Lipson, Charlotte
Papers: New Yorker Magazine (3), New York Review (4)
Photos: Slides of Belize, Costa Rica, New Mexico, and Juarez, Dia de los Muertos (Mesilla)

• Lockman, Dorothy
Photos: Pakistan, India and World Travel
Artifacts: Batik (India), brass utensils from Pakistan, Maps

• Lockwood, Bob
Photos: Scanned photos of Lincoln County, Billy the Kid
A/V: Sound Records

• Logan, Cal
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Longenecker, Louise
A/V: LPs
Photos: Slides & Photos

• Longerbone, Richard & Linda
Papers: Boston Patriot newspaper- 1836, New York Herald- 1865, postcards
Photos: Scrapbooks

• Lory, Lt. Col. Robert
Papers: Military
Photos: WWII

• Lovelace, Richard & Fay
Papers: Political

• Low, Helen
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Lozier, Jean & Leroy
Papers: Oral History transcript re: Early Years, Memories of Preacher Lewis transcript, Copies of Union High Las Cruces, The American - 1936, Boy Scout Handbook - 1959
Maps: Framed of Southern New Mexico, Las Cruces - 1941, Army Corps maps of Mexico

• Lucero, Mary Ann
Photos: Family Slides

• Lundie, Sgt Edward
Papers: WWII

• Lutz, The Rev. Jeanne
Papers: Doctoral project, St. Paul's history

• Lwowski, Walter
A/V: Classical records

• Lyon, Oscar
Papers: Masonic, ASCE, misc.
Photos: Arizona

• Lytton, Joanne
Papers: Miscellaneous regarding St. James Episcopal Church, Mesilla, NM



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