Archive Collections D


• Dabney, Richard
Photos: NATO

• Dabney, Fred
A/V: Micellaneous audio recordings (Audio Reels, CDs, LPs, 78s)

• Dahlin, Karen
Papers: European & Military

• Dahlquist, Milan C
Artifacts: Various Career Memorabilia

• Daniels, Dr Jon L.
Photos: Thailand, Vietnam, Domestic

• Daniels, Phyllis
Papers: WWII, Map of Missouri

• Dash, Howard
Photos: Photographs, slides, postcards of family & travel

• Daum, Bill
Photos: Military

• Davinport, Irene & Otis
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Davenport, Joy
A/V: Music recordings

• Davenport, Sandy
Papers: The Mariner Civil War Library, Mariner family papers
Photos: Northern California agriculture; Travel

• Davidson, Diana
Photos: Slides and Prints

• Davidson, Kalyani
Photos: Tapes & Cassettes

• Davies, Dr. Charles Evan
Papers: Ecclesiastical, personal
Photos: Automoblies, jewelry, travel

• Davies, Fr. Charles R
Papers: Miscellaneous
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Daviet, Leslie Louis
Photos: Travel, military, family
A/V: Films - military (WW11 - CBI), travel, family

• Davis, Robert
Photos: Post Card Collection

• Davis, William
Papers: Ecclesiastical, personal papers, sermons
A/V: Sermons, various

• Davison, Kalyani
A/V Tapes, Cassettes

• Dawes, Ronald
Photos: Miscellaneous
A/V: Miscellaneous

• Deacon, Dr. Mary Dale
Papers: Frank Jones (Rev)

• Deason, Paul J
Photos: 1895-1900 Farming & People

• DeBlasi, Gary
Photos: Miscellaneous

• DeBlasi, Joachim
Photos: Scenery, Old Mesilla & Miscellaneous

• DeBoy, Bill & Mary
Papers: Miscellaneous Pamphlets & Postcards of 1930's and WWII
Photos: Dedication program & Slides
A/V: Family films, cartoons

• DeBoy, Kathleen
Papers: Postcards, catalogs, almanacs, magazines (early-mid 20th century)

• Decker, Cynthia
A/V: Movie Films

• Decker, Dr. Robert James (Jim) and June
Papers: Family correspondence; Zambia history; news clippings; Society of Layerists in Multi-Media records
Photos: Images from Africa; family
A/V: Film of family and Africa; audio cassettes, family history

• Decker, Gregory
Papers: Exhibition cards A/V: Nashville Arts

• Delamater, Dr. James
Papers: NMSU physical education and health

• Delgado, Luis A.
A/V: Audio tapes

• Delk, Joe
Papers: Piano music, poster of Camp Cody

• Dennis, Fr. Alan
A/V: Personal Profile

• Denney, Beverly
Photos: Prints & slides, Amateur Radio Club
A/V: Audio Cassettes

• Deret, Greg
Papers: Travel Brochures
Photos: Misc slides
A/V: Misc tapes

• DeuPree, Betty Sue
Papers: Ecclesiastical
Photos: St Luke's, Mesilla Park, Stained Glass Memorials

• DeVries, Paul
Papers: Stamp collection

• DeVries, The Rev. Dr. Charles and Laura
Papers: Ecclesiastical, personal papers, sermons
A/V: Sermons, various

• DeWetter, Mardee
Papers: Manuscript, Ecclesiastical, Book "The Watchtower..." For Sale Now!

• Diemer, Max
Papers: Autobiography

• Dimsha, Albert
Papers: Military

• Dirk, Eugene
Papers: Manuscript re: Stratospheric Ballons
A/V: White Sands Missle Range

• Ditmore & Adams, Marty & Glennis
Papers: Aeronautical Maps, MIT's Magazine, etc.

• Doiron, Jim
A/V: Films

• Dolezal, Barbara
Papers: Grandfather's diary (copy)
Microfiche: Heberd/Kent family letters (1842-1952)

• Dollahon, Elizabeth
Papers: Dr. Robert Bourland Library

• Dona Ana Arts Council
Photos: Youth crowd at Rio Grande Theatre

• Dona Ana County Historical Society
Papers: Newsletters, handbook, misc. papers 1987-2006

• Doss, Seale
Papers: Article re: Robert Capa

• Dougherty, Geofgeanne
Yearbooks: 1950's

• Downing, Earl & Nancy
Papers: Farm Family Record Book 1991

• Dressel, Susan
Photos: Walter and Mildred Barron collection; Ralph Dressel collection; various family

Dresser, Norine
Papers: Books and poems authored by donor; posters; scrapbook, 1971
Photos: 3000 folklore slides
A/V: Family films; oral interviews regarding local customs
Artifacts: Roman iron nails; Check embosser – Florence Plumbing Supply, L.A.

• Drexler, Morris
Photos: Aerial views; Airplanes
A/V: Misc CDs, 70mm & 8mm films
Artifact: Calendar "Early War Veterans"

• DuBey, Linda
A/V: 16mm film, VHS of family history

• Duffey, Bob
Photos: Motorcycle racing and daredevil slides

• Duffy's Studio, Roswell, NM
Papers: Journals
Photos: Prints; slides
A/V: Dr. William A. Turnstill interview with Ola Ebergart

• Duhrsen, Nova
Photos: Slides
A/V: Phonograph records

• Duncan, Celestine
Papers: Yearbooks

• Duncan, Rita
Papers: Book "V-Mail Letters from Home", Miscellaneous Magazines

• Dunclee, John
Papers: Publication list - Barbed Wire Press

• Dunlap, Joseph
Artifacts: Art work

• Dunlop, Bp George K
Papers: Bishops Journal 1880-88

• Duran, Richard A
Papers: Booklet "The Days of Old" St Gonzales

• Durio, Marion Carter
Papers: Jack Durio
Photos: Capt. Jack Durio, USN, slides, photos
Artifacts: Flight jacket and hat, Goldwater hat, champagne bucket, wall hanging

• Durrill, Alda
Papers: Misc.
Photos: Travel and family

• Dwyer, Don
Photos: Lecture slides - Agriculture (Morocco, Africa and others); antique prints



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