Archive Collections


• Habitat for Humanity
Papers: Music Sheets
Photos: Slides
A/V: 8mm film

• Haddad, Carmen
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Haddad, Emma
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Hadsell, John
Papers: Military

• Hagerlin, Ed & June
Photographs: Miscellaneous

• Hainline, Helen
Papers: Odd Fellows Cemetery, Las Cruces, NM
Photos: IOOF Cemetery, Las Cruces, NM

• Haisley, Patricia
Microfiche: WWI Diary & Scrapbook

• Haldane, Roberta
Papers: Books & Maps

• Hale, Jo
Photos: Eugene Stern scrapbooks, military, airplanes

• Hale, Larry
Photos: Ecclesiastical

• Hale, Ruth
Papers: Corrospondance

• Hall, Barbara
Photos: Military (Korean War)

• Hall, Carroll
A/V: Family films

• Hall, Curtis
Papers: Military
Artifacts: Uniforms

• Hall, Ken and Nancy
Photos: World travel slides

• Hall, Richard (Red)
Papers: Photographic manuals, catalogs
Photos: NMSU and surrounding area

• Hall, Roger
A/V: 8mm film, Misc CDs
Photos: Slides

• Halla, Georgiann
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Hamilton, Bob
Papers: Aviation yearbooks
A/V: LP recordings

• Hamilton, Weldon
Papers: WWII

• Hammel, Robert
Papers: Poems (Shoestring Sundries)
Photos: Travel, cars
A/V: Cars, balloons

• Hammond, Kenneth
A/V: Super 8 Reels

• Hampton, Helen
Papers: WWII clippings, certificate

• Haner, Katherine
Papers: Clippings regarding Pres. Kennedy

• Hank, June
Papers: Epsilon Sigma Slpha, Gamma Zeta Chapter

• Hanning, Thomas G
Papers: Military

• Hansen, Ann
Papers: Newspaper Articles
Photos: Miscellaneous
Artifacts: Masonic Apron

• Hanson, Frank
A/V: Video tapes

• Hanssen, Stan
A/V: Sound recordings

• Harmon, Joanna
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Harrell, Mary Tillman
Papers: Preacher Lewis
Artifact: Baptismal cap

• Harrell, William
Papers: Interview of Sgt. Major Howard Harrell, "Celebration of Life" of Sgt Major Howard Harrell
Photos: Flora of the Southwest, Travel

• Harris, Fred
Photos: Slides

• Harris, Lillian K.
Papers: Various
Photos: Various photos, slides
Artifacts: Clarinet in case

• Harris, Linda
Papers: Materials for publication of "Journeys of Faith"

• Harrison, Carter
Papers: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Photos: Various

• Harrison, Eddy
Papers: Newspapers, Scrapbooks
A/V: Folk music
Photos: Slides - family & travel
Artifacts: Eye glasses

• Hart, Addison
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Hartley, Carl
Photos: Taj Mahal

• Hartley, Joy
Artifacts: Preacher Lewis Baptismal cap
Papers: Military (CBI)

• Hartley, Rita
A/V: Tapes

• Hartman, Franklin
A/V: Don Patterson record collection

• Hartwig, Otis and Bobbye
Papers: Music
Photos: Slides

• Hash, Frank
Papers: Technical World Magazine, Miscellaneous

• Hatch, Ruth
Photos: Tintype

• Hathorn Mike
A/V: Educational films

Hauptmann, Jack
Photos: Life work

• Haverland, The Very Rev. John
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Hawkins, Bill
A/V: Square dance recordings

• Hawkins, Shirley
Papers: Diary, Civil War papers, Genealogy

• Haydon, Mary
Artifacts: Avon collectibles

• Hays, Oren
Papers: International Airshow '61 official program; CBI Magazines
A/V: 8mm films

• Heger, Herbert
Photos: National park slides

• Helfrich, George
A/V: Military interviews

• Helmreich, Stephen
Papers: Gay groups

• Helmuth, Harry
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Hemingway, Tana
Papers: Article

• Henry, Edie
Papers: Newsclippings
Photos: Old Las Cruces (prints), Scrapbooks

• Henry, Marvin
Photos: Military

• Henry, Mrs. Charles
Photos: Ecclesiastical

• Henry, Roger
A/V: 8mm films

• Henton, Tony
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Hereford, Highland
Papers: Ranching, West TX

• Hermans, Matthew
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Hershey, Marilyn
Papers: Postcards, Misc.
Photos: Misc slides
Artifacts: Quilt

• Hester, James
Papers: Posters
Photos: Photos relating to Pancho Villa, Hudson Radio Club, Native Americans (1800s), Edward VII (1902-1912), misc photos

• Higgs, The Rev. Richard
Papers: Sermons

• Hinman, Barbara
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Historical Society of New Mexico
Papers: Correspondence - 1987 to 1991, misc.

• Hobart, Lois
Photos: Slides

• Hobden, The Rev. Brian
Papers: Sermons

• Hodgin, Charles D.
Papers: Epsilon Sigma Alpha memorabilia

• Holden, Nelson
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Holland, Jay
Photos: Miscellaneous WWII

• Hollen, Sylvia
Papers: Ecclesiastical
Photos: Ecclesiastical
A/V: Recordings

• Hollingshead, Bob & Peggy
Photos: Slides

• Hollmann, Robert
Photos: Slides
A/V: Film

• Holmes, Phillip
A/V: Reels

• Hooper, Lynne
Papers: Rev. Rolin E. Cooper

• Hooten, Joyce
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Hopkins, Jeanine
Artifacts: Native American pottery

• Hopper, Gordon
Photos: Military

• Hornling, Chuck
Papers: Manuscript "Surprising New Info on Pat Garrett's Death

• Horstick, Mary Harmon
Papers: Ivy Olds correspondence

• Hottell, Diane
Papers: Philip Watts papers re: Richard Nixon

• Hoveye, Jeanne
A/V:John Birch Society videos

• Howarth, Don & Evelyn
Photos: Slides

• Howden, Al
Papers: The Rev. F.B. Howden, Ecclesiastical and family

• Howden, William
Papers: Bishop Howden scrapbook

• Howden, Jr, The Rev. Frederick
Papers: Sermons and personal papers

• Howe, Betty
Papers: WWII Letters

• Howsman, Rebecca and Marvin
Photos: Travels and family

• Huber, A. Stephen
Papers: Miscellaneous
Photos: Misc Family photos

• Hughes, Michael
Papers: Military, WWI

• Hughes, Wayne
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Hull, David
A/V: Misc films

• Hult, John & Adeline
Papers: Miscellaneous Books

• Human Systems Research
Papers: Interviews from Sabinoso Project

• Humphrey, Mary Jane
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Hunnell, Paul
Photos: Slides

• Hunner, Dr. Jon
Photos: Ralph and Paul Hunner collection, Dr. Charles Bell collection
A/V: Industrial training tapes, sound recordings

• Hunt, Larry
A/V: Records

• Hunt, Ruben
Papers: Poem

• Hunter, Don & Darlene
Photos: San Marcial, NM, 1929 flood

• Huntsberger, Paul
Photos: Slides & Negatives - World Travel

• Hurst, Jim
Papers: War diary

• Hutchins, The Rev. Gene
Artifacts: Ecclesiastical

• Hutson, Bobbie and Wilma
Papers: Military and personal papers, misc exhibit cards, jewelry designs, sketchbooks, notebooks
Photos: Scrapbooks, Korean orphanage
A/V: Films



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