Archive Collections S


• S.O.B. (Sweet Old Bob) Antiques - Bob Gaines
Photos: John J Krawczky photo collection - Scrapbook of surveyors

• Salazar, Elizabeth
Papers: Newsclippings

• Salazar, Juanita
Papers: Poetry
Photos: Turtle by Crowden, print by Gibherd

• Saldivar, Sal
Photos: Slides

• Salrin, Mike
Photos: World travel slides

• Salvation Army
A/V: Films re: 1950's ranching

• Saltzman, George & Patricia
Papers: Miscellaneous Books & Papers

• Saltzman, Ron
Papers: Mounted Newspaper Articles
Photos: Aerial view of the Organ Mountains, Miscellaneous

• Sandoval, Joseph
Photos: Transparencies

• Saunders, Helen
Papers: Miscellaneous
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Saunders, Paul
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Scavone, Cirino & Greta
Photos: Slides of coins, churches, railroads, cars, buses and WWII airplanes

• Schaller, Henry Charles
Papers: Scrapbook, correspondence, awards
Artifacts: Military uniform

• Scheff, Tanya
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Schlauch, Wolfgang
A/V: Video "Soldatem Hinter Stachedraht

• Schori, Richard
Photos: 62,000 digital images of photos, notes & materials relating to the Rt. Rev. Katherine Jefferts Schori, 2001-2007

• Schranz, Paul
Papers: catalogs, programs; First Day Cover Stamps
Artifacts: MSA Industrial gas mask

• Schuaiger, Glenn
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Schuhmann, David and Joy
Papers: Personal papers, military, Antartica books
Photos: Family and Travel, Apollo Moon Landing slides
A/V: Sound recordings

• Schultz, Ellen
Photos: Miscellaneous

Scott, James & Moore, Mary
Photos: Slides, negatives & prints

• Scott, James Monroe & Marta H
Papers: Newspaper (Headliners)
Photos: Ronald Regan, "We Survived the Artic, 1972"; Negatives

• Scott, Marcia
Papers: Newspaper & Books

• Senecal, Bob
Photos: Military - aerial slides from Vietnam

Serencha, Priscilla
Photos: Travel, flora and fauna

• Seton, Julie
Papers: Diaries

• Sewell, Don
A/V: Reels
Photos: Slides

• Shaffner, Judith
A/V: Tapes, Records & Reels
Paper: Books, Clipping, etc.
Photos: Negatives, Slides & Photos

• Shannon, Roderick
Photos: WWII

• Sharp, Jay
Papers: Manuscripts, Pamphlets, Newspapers, El Camino Real de Tierra Assoication papers, & etc.; Historical maps, relating to archaeological research

• Sharpe, Connie
Papers: Miscellaneous
Photos: Slides & Photos

• Sheldon, Frank
Photos: Ruth Perkins Collection

• Shewan, Robert
Papers: postcards, maps
A/V: Time/Life filmstrips
Artifacts: Lionel train set; slide rule

• Sheridan, Bob
Photos: Slides, prints-Las Cruces, NM

• Sherrill, Webb
Papers: Newsletters

• Shipman, Ross
Papers: Essay & Magazines

• Shoemaker, Paul
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Shook, James
Photos: Slides

• Shores, Ray
A/V: Cassettes, Records, Videos & Film
Papers: Books & Pamphlets

• Shulman, Sandra Hale
A/V: CDs
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Shuster, William
A/V: Tapes
Papers: Magazines
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Sieminski, Veronica
A/V: CDs
Papers: Books

• Silverthorne, Joanne
Papers: Books, etc.
Photos: Slides & Photos

• Silvertsen, Paul
A/V: Miscellaneous

• Sloter, Ben
Photos: Slides

• Smeed, Ralph
A/V: Videos
Papers: Book & Pamphlets

• Smidt, Polly
A/V: 45s & 8 Tracks
Papers: Miscellaneous
Photos: Scrapbooks, Miscellaneous

• Smith, Annette
Papers: WWII, Book, Clippings
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Smith, David
A/V: Tape of Family

• Smith, Gene
Papers: Lithograph "The Prayer'

• Smith, Janie Embree
Papers: Abstracts

• Smith, John
Papers: Newsletter
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Smith, Julie V
Papers: Books & Manuscript
Photos: Military

• Smith, Libby
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Smith, Paula
Papers: Sketches, Drawings & Newspapers

• Smith, Philip Kingsley
Papers: Article regarding NM Jews

• Smith, Robert F
Photos: Slides

• Smith, Walter
A/V: VHS science fiction

• Society of Layerists in Multimedia
Papers: 2011-2012

• Sommerville, Richard
Papers: Magazines

• Somppi, Betty & Joe
Photos: Miscellaneous slides

• Soules, Jack

• Southward, Lorraine
Papers: Japanese language studies, Misc Photography papers; travel and agriculture guides and brochures; correspondence (wedding & memorial); Episcopal Church
Photos: lifetime collection of slides, prints, negatives, including World Travel
A/V: Sound recordings
Artifacts: Slide Rulers; Corn husker patent, 1862

• Southward, Dr. Morris
Papers: Correspondence, fisheries, statistics, ecclesiastical, pamphlets
Photos: Ecclesiastical, world travel slides, Las Cruces & community

• Sovereign, Marie
Photos: Slides

• Sperry, Virginia
Artifacts: Cross made in Mexico. Copper with inlaid tiles

• Springer, Bill
Books: NMSU Yearbooks 1920 & 1949

• Springer, Virginia Rose
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Sprinkle, Bob & Dorothy
Photos: Las Cruces (aerial)
Artifacts: arrowheads, metates

• Spurlin, J. R.
Photos: Slides

• St Laurent, Monique
Books: Photography

• Stafford, Barbara
A/V: Cassettes

• Staley, Jean
Papers: Miscellaneous
Photos: Slides

• Stamm, Lupe Sierra
Photos: WWII WAC

• Stapp, Walter
Photos: Slides, Negatives & Scrapbooks

• Starling, Helen J
Photos: Family

• Starr-Marsh, Cheryl
Photos: Slides & Photos

• Steele, Ellen Lively
Photos: W. Virginia, family

• Steen, Harold
Photos: Travel and family
Artifacts: Foreign stamps, Miscellaneous

• Stein, William
Photos: slides
A/V: Navy pilot films, early 1960s

• Stenmark, Tim
Photos: slides, California 1979 & Hong Kong

• Stephens, Albert
A/V: Cassette Tapes

• Stephens, Elizabeth
Papers: Turney Family & personal papers, memorabilia
Photos: Turney Family, Mesilla Park & Silver City, NM

• Stephenson, Henry B.
Papers: Military Memoirs
A/V: Miscellaneous

• Stephenson, Paul
Papers: WWI Newspapers, 1918-1919

• Stern, Lt. Cmdr. Eugene
Photos: WWII

• Stickles, Jerry
Photos: Misc negatives

• Stinnett, Ken
Photos: Travel

• Stock, Kent
Papers: Postcards
Photos: Kent & Cheryl Stock lifetime collection of photos
A/V: home movies, 8mm & super 8mm
Artifacts: baby doll, 20th century

• Stoes, Paul
Papers: Fritz Kreisler, papers, music, books
Photos: Fritz Kreisler, family

• Stoney Estate
Papers: Bishop James Moss Stoney papers

• Strache, The Rev. George A.
Papers: Episcopal Church

• Strader, Debbie
Papers: Bulletins

• Strock, Mike
Photos: Tokyo and travel slides

• Strome, Barbara
Photos: Episcopal Church & Camp Stoney

• Stutts, Rosemary Alvarez
Photos: Episcopal Church, Hill & Rodney NM

• Suri & Kay Barr, Marc
Photos: the Estate of Marc Suri including framed and unframed photos
A/V: VHS Tapes

• Sutton, Ann and Myron
Photos: Life Work: National Parks, Wildlife, Nature

• Sutton, Robert
Papers: Church of Our Savior, Albuquerque; St. Chad's Episcopal Church, Albuquerque; Camp Stoney & Personal Papers

• Swain, Dr. Harry
Papers: Canadian "access to information"; Papers regarding Dr. Cotton Mather and the N.M. Geographical Society;
Correspondence with Professor Pierce F. Lewis, Penn State

• Sweeney, Betty
Photos: Native American
A/V: Sound Recordings; LP Records

• Swedberg, Kay
A/V: Audio interview of Kay Swedberg re: life in Hawaii during WWII

• Sweitzer, Margaret Mary
Photos: WWII
A/V: Videos and sound recordings

• Syfert, Joyce & Oscar
Papers: Smokey Bear memorabilia



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