Archive Collections T


• Tackett, The Rev. Thomas
Papers: Sermons
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Tarbell, The Rev. Albert
Papers: Sermons

• Taylor, Ernest
A/V: Interviews

• Taylor, The Rev. Brian
Papers: Sermons

• Taylor, Col. Donald
Papers: Military, flying, scrapbooks, etc.
Photos: Airplanes, travel

• Taylor, John Paul
Papers: Military

• Taylor, Maj. Wilbur
Papers: Marine Corps, Korea
Photos: Korean War

• Teijens, Madge
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Tellez, David
Papers: WWII Bataan March

• Tesarek, Lutisha
Papers: Poems

• Tharp, William
Papers: Cotton marketing

• Thode, Edward
Papers: Episcopal Church

• Thomas, Arvel & Barbara
Photos: Family slides

• Thomas, David
Papers: Manuscript: "The Life and Times of Mangas Colorados Apache Chief of Chiefs 1790-1863"; "Last Frontier West" by George Lee McNew
Artifacts: Awards given to Dr. Gerald Thomas

• Thomas, Dr. Gerald
Papers: WWII papers & books

• Thomas, Jean
Papers: Articles

• Thomason, William T.
Papers: Photo books and misc. papers

• Thompson, Ellen
Papers: Episcopal Church

• Thompson, Herbert
Photos: Travel and White Sands

• Thompson, Mary
Papers: Political papers re: Thompson's tenure as New Mexico Lieutenant Govonor, 1980s; campaign materials for her race for New Mexico Lieutenant Governor; Dona Ana clerk and Las Cruces mayor
Photos: slides, Israel 1987, South Africa 1989
Artifacts: Political buttons

• Thompson, Tommy
Photos: Las Cruces flood, 1930's

• Thornberry, Leslie
Papers: Real estate and appraisals
Photos: Family

• Thornberry, Patricia
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Thornberry, Pete
Photos: Slides
A/V: Films & Records

• Tiano, Mr. & Mrs.
Papers: Postcards

• Ticknor, Will
Papers: Reports & Transcripts

• Tilder, Nancy
Photos: Travel and White Sands

• Tillery, Kevin
Photos: Antartica

• Tillison, Benny
Photos: Negatives

• Tobey, Nelson
Papers: WWII memoirs

• Todsen, Dr. Thomas
Papers: NM History, postcards, photographics, postmarks, WSMR, flowers, maps, etc.
Photos: Flowers, New Mexico, family
A/V: Southwest Parks and Monuments

• Todsen, Thomas A
Papers: Miscellaneous
Photos: Digital copies, HUECO Tanks, NM, & St. Thomas Island
Artifacts: New Mexico maps

• Tomlin, Joel
Papers: Boy Scouts
Photos: Early 1900's and family

• Tompkins, Rose Ann
Papers: Postcards
Photos: panoramas "WWI Camp Doniphan Westside", Vintage girls hockey team; prints & negatives
A/V: Home Movies

• Townsend, Daniel and JoAnne
Papers: WWII

• Tooley, Sandy
A/V: 8 mm films including family, rodeo, Fiesta, & Truth of Consequences, NM

• Traylor, Cal
Photos: Slides-Travel
A/V: New Mexico history videos

• Traylor, Frances
Papers: Clippings

• Tripp, Nilah
Papers: Episcopal Church women

• Tripplet, John & Peggy
Photos: Negatives

• Triviz, Rita
A/V: Chamizal Border Treaty video

• Triviz, Toni
Papers: Judge Edward Triviz papers

• Trujillo, Lambert
Papers: VFW Magazines; Folder of KIA, Iraq

• Tucker, Milton
Papers: Papers & Clippings

• Turner, James
Artifacts: Chinese Hat

• Tyk, Robert
A/V: Sound recordings



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