Archive Collections G


• Gaines, Bob and Carol
Papers: Military

• Galbraith, The Rev. Jim
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Gall, Ron
A/V: Marine corp film

• Galloway, Nancy
Photos: Travel and family
A/V: Sound recordings - Las Cruces High School, Las Cruces, NM 1958-59

• Galves, Aurora
Photos: Slides

• Gamboa, Bob
A/V: Audio Reels; VHS, Granville Smith Veteran History

• Gammell, Gerald
Papers: Newspapers; The estate of Dr. Gerald H. Gammell; Training manuals, soldering circuit boards
Photos: Family & world travel slides
A/V: CDs of Bob Wills, Western singer; DVDs; Movie reels

• Garcia, Tom
Papers: Stories of Thailand and Vietnam

• Gardiner, Don
A/V: Sound recordings

• Garrod, Robert and Lorna
Papers: Misc. Photos: Trains and travel, misc slides
A/V: Sound recordings

• Gaspard, Marguerite
Papers: Notecards

• Gatewood, Dr. Wesley Emmet
Papers: Journals (1864-1922), poetry, academic papers

• Gaume, Dorothy
Photos: Ecclesiastical
Artifacts: Preacher Lewis Baptismal cap

• Gavigan, Josephine
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Gemoets, Martin
Papers: WWII
Photos: WWII

• Gemoets, Mark
Papers: Letters

• Gerhard, Barbara
Photos: Miscellaneous
A/V: CDs, Cassettes

• Gerhard, Harvey
Photos: Family
A/V: 8-track tapes

• Getz, Monsignor Bob
Papers: Book: Vatican Wealth and a Pope's Pipe Dreams by Monsignor Bob Getz

• Gianonatti, Margaret
Photos: Military, family

• Gibbs, Sheri
A/V: digital oral histories, re: rockets

• Gibson, Frances
Papers: The Rev. Robert Gibson
Photos: Ecclesitical

• Gilcrease, Lois
Papers: Magazine
Photos: Military, family; Slides including 1964 Alaska Earthquake damage

• Glasco, Jack
Photos: Life work, WSMR

• Glaze, Carolina
Papers: NM maps

• Gleason, Henry Allan and Jan
Papers: Maps, Greek Grammar, Linguistics
Photos: Churches - Uganda, India, El Paso, Dona Ana County, various
Artifacts: Wood scientific measuring instrument

• Glock, Sharlene
Papers: The Estate of Dr. Waldo S. Glock, Jr.; Misc. papers and cards; Manuscript, journal of Waldo S. Glock
Photos: Slides, prints, negatives of family travel including Spain, Prague, Portugal

• Goen Wendi
Papers: News articles

• Gold, Joe
Papers: Autobiographical, genealogy
Photos: Misc Negatives

• Goldsmith, Blanche
Photos: Family, various

• Golring, Fern
Papers: Catechism class notes
Photos: Slides
A/V: VHS & Cassette tapes

• Good, William (Mrs)
Papers: Correspondence India
Photos: India

• Gouch, Judith
Photos: John Meigs, various

• Gough, Jean
Papers: Ecclesiastical, news clippings re: Bishop Steenson; Obituaries and clippings re: priests and members of the Episcopal Church

• Granger, Beverly J
Papers: Miscellaneous WWII

• Grant III, Josephy Erwin
A/V: Account book (microfilm)

• Gray, George
Photos: Ecclesiastical

• Gray, Lucy
Papers: The George Gray papers re: "The Twelve Apostles of Jesus" program and portraits of priests, primarily in the Diocese of the Rio Grande

• Gray, Fr. Thomas
Papers: Brochures, POW, Miscellaneous

• Grayson, Stanley
Papers: Miscellaneous Pilot

• Greathouse, Patricia
Papers: Wesley Walter papers
Photos: Negatives

• Greene, Nancy
A/V: Cassettes & Tapes
Photos: Slides, Negatives & Prints

• Gregan John and Marlene
Papers: Maps

• Gregory, Bobbie
Papers: Turney family correspondence

• Greten, Elaine
Photos: Slides

• Griffin, Willis (Fred)
Artifacts: Stained glass cartoons

• Griffiths, Rodney
Photos: Cibachrome

• Grisham, Anne
Papers: Family
Photos: WWII, Aviation, Amelia Earhart

• Griswold Estate
Photos: Ecclesiastical

• Grubbs, The Rev. Frank
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Guifree, David
Photos: Slides & Photos

• Guerra, Modesto
A/V: VHS tapes re: Aircraft

• Guillen, Fernando
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Guilliams, Ralph
Photos: Slides - El Paso, Travel

• Gundersen, James
Papers: Military

• Gustafson, Caroline and J. Henry
A/V: CDs and VHS tapes
Papers: Letters between Henry and Caroline, Misc Correspondence
Photos: Abby Lewis Seymour and various family
Arifacts: US Marines WWII Uniform



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