Archive Collections V


• Vail, Lea
Papers: "Poems of Gaylord Clark"

• Valdes, A A
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Valdes, August
Papers: Military Pamphlets

• Vallejos, Viola O
Papers: Newsclippings
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Van Lauwe, Chris & Liz
Photos: Vintage

• VanLiew, Ruth
Papers: WWII
Photos: WWII

• Vandebrake, Carrie
Papers: Thesis on New Mexicans in WWII

• Vanderwagen, Michael
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Vaskov, Mick
A/V: Wine videos

• Veed, Nadine
Papers: The Estate of Carlton Evans: correspondence, professional papers, news clippings; postcards
Photos: slides
A/V: films
Artifacts: Slide rulers

• Veeder, Fred
Artifacts: Piano rolls

• Veldt, Betty
Papers: Magazines

• Vere, Mrs. Harry
Papers: St. Luke's Episcopal Church, La Mesa, NM
Photos: St. Luke's Episcopal Church, La Mesa, NM

• Verploegh, Edward and Carol
Papers: Phillips Chapel, Las Cruces, NM, airplanes
Photos: Ford Tri-Motor, family and travel

• Versluis, John
Papers: Tranquility Site on moon

• Veterans History Project
Papers, Photos, Artifacts, A/V
Oral Histories of Veterans

• Vietch, Hobie and Diane
A/V: Sound recordings

• Villella, Linda
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Vote, Bette
Papers: Original letter signed by J.B. Priestly; pencil sketch by H. Goodwine



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