Archive Collections J


• Jackson, Donna
Papers: WWII WAC Scrapbook - 1945

• Jackson, Elaine
Papers: Miscellaneous
Artifacts: American Legion #484 Hat

• James, Ken
Photos: Miscellaneous slides, photo albums

• James, Silvia
Papers: Envelope with Camp Cody return address, 1917

• Jameson, Pastor Gene
Papers: Letters and misc. papers found in old adobe house, 1952-1957

• Jarden, Dr George
A/V: "The Animals Christmas", 16mm Movies; Records

• Jason, Sonya
Papers: Misc. correspondence, copies of speeches, article on Proposition 187

• Jenkins, Franklin
Papers: WWI flying manual and clippings

• Jennett, Nova
Papers: Thesis by Dr. Lowell Duhrsen regarding Las Cruces, NM libraries
A/V: Sound recordings

• Jensen, Dr. Joan
Photos: Lecture slides (historical interest), travel

• Jenstrom, Col. Eino
Papers: Jenstrom, Eino (Col), Oral History
Photos: WWII

• Jett, Helen
Artifacts: Pre-Columbian pottery

• Johnson, Charles
Papers: Amateur radio, WSMR, Manuscript "My Ham Shack was Born", Airstream trailers
Photos: Propeller airplane, slides of Trinity Bomb Site, Travel
Artifacts: Wooden rocket bank, Trinitite

• Johnson, Elizabeth
Photos: Travel, artwork

• Johnson, Richard
Papers: MSS of military career

• Johnson, Stephen
Photos: NMSU/YMCA Building - negatives and slides

• Johnson, William
Papers: WWII Navy, war correspondence (to and from)
Artifacts: US Navy

• Jones, Frank
Papers: WWII, Vietnam, military service
Photos: Military
Artifacts: Military

• Jones, Fred
Photos: WWII, Vietnam

• Jones, John Paul
Papers: Aircraft
Photos: Slides of aircraft
A/V: VHS tapes of aircraft

• Jones, Phyllis
A/V: Misc films

• Jones, Roger
Papers: Miscellaneous
A/V: Audio tapes of high school & college orchestra and band competitions

• Judkins, Willa Lee
Papers: WWII Diary (Copy), WAVE poster, Navy WAVE Song (Company 21)

• Julian, William
Papers: Magazines
A/V: 33 1/3 Records

• Justice, Lincoln
Photos: Slides



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