Archive Collections


• Kading, Sally
Papers: San Albino Cemetery Transcriptions (copy)

• Kappa Kappa Iota Epsilon
Papers: Scrapbooks, financial records

• Kappes, Theodore
A/V: LPs & CDs
Papers: Postcards

• Karan, Dr. Paul
Papers: Manuscripts, maps-Geographic

• Kasting, J A
A/V: Tapes
Photos: Slides & Photos

• Kaup, Matti
Photos: Geographical slides

• Kayser, Bill
Papers: 2002 Newsletter Calvary Baptist Church

• Kazda, Louis F
A/V: 1st Presbyterian Church Women's Retreat

• Keen, Anne
Papers: Book "God's Holy Hill"

• Kelley, Gregory
Photos: Slides relating to Los Alamos Tristan Rocket

• Kemper, Judith M
Papers: WWII
Photos: Scrapbooks & Photos

• Kempthorne, Charley & June
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Kennedy, Glenn
Papers: Pamphlets, Miscellaneous regarding St. Mary's Anglican Church Hill, NM

• Kennedy, Patrick
Photos: Luna County, NM District Court, Deming, NM

• Kennon, Eugene & Ruth
Photos: Slides, WWII photos (copy)

• Kiehl, Marjory & Marvin
Papers: St. George Church bulletins, El Paso, TX
Photos: Negatives, slides
A/V: LPs, reel-to-reel tapes

• Kiely, Suzanne
Papers: Dorothy Abel diaries (copies)

• Kimball, L
Artifacts: Japanese Clothing

• Kinch, Dr. Charlotte
Papers: WWI, gas warfare

• Kincheloe, Howard (Mrs)
Photos: Bali, Java
A/V: films, cassettes

• Kinsolving, The Rt. Rev. Charles James
Papers: Personal
Photos: Slides

• Kinsolving, John A
Papers: Miscellaneous
Photos: Pictures & Slides

• Kirker, Robert
Papers: WWII ration book
Photos: Santa Rita, Chino Mines, NM

• Kirkpatrick, David
Photos: Residence at St. James Church, Mesilla Park

• Kiser, William
Papers: Manuscript Memories of a Forgotten Theater & misc

• Klay, Thomas
Photos: 2003 Grain Elevator

• Kloos, Kathy
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Knadle, Richard
Papers: re John Meigs
Photos: Miscellaneous
A/V: 16mm film reel
Artifacts: Painting

• Kord, Brian
Papers: Thesis regarding WWII

• Korsmo, Tom & Joanne
Papers: Childrens books, Scrapbooks, Newsletter & Correspondence

• Kosan, Mary Ann
Papers: Misc. newsletters, magazines - church related

• Kotovsky, Stanley
Papers: Military papers re: Pearl Harbor, USS St. Louis
Photos: Military
A/V: Films

A/V: 45 rpm records (1945-1965), radio programs, reel-to-reel

• Kroll, Rebecca
Photos: Art History slides

• Krawczyk, John
Papers: Info on Nautilus Submarine

• Kruse, Edward
Photos: Miscellaneous



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