Archive Collections O


• O'Brien, David
Papers: Vintage photograph postcards of WSMR

• O'Brien, Kerry
Papers: Large Poster- Bahrain

• O'Malley, H R A
Papers: Publications, Articles & Correspondence

• Olds, Ivy
Papers: Correspondence, genealogy
Photos: WWI Nursing scrapbook, Walter Reed General Hospital; Sweet/Fuller family photos

• Olympia Washington, Episcopal Diocese of Olympia
Papers: Anti-Vietnam War Peace Movement

• Ontiveros, Christine
Papers: History of St. James Church, Mesilla, NM

• Operation America
Papers: Biography of C. Louis Stoney (Brother of Bishop Stoney)

• Oral History Club; Las Cruces, NM
Papers: Transcripts of talks
Audio: Tapes of talks

• Ostertag,The Rev. Edward
Papers: Anne Bucher, papers, correspondence, Diaries of three relatives (1902-1969), Diary, SIlver Mining, Diary (1950-1980)
Photos: Anne Bucher, trans-world excursion , scrapbooks re: 1926, Zeller, West, Bucher

• Ostrenga, Raymond
Photos: negatives & prints - New Mexico and miscellaneous
A/V: Railroad VHS tapes and audio cassettes

• Otero, Robert
Photos: Auto camp, Amusement park, & Mesilla Dam, New Mexico

• Otto, Marion
Papers: Postcards

• Owen, Detta
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Owen, Dr Gordon
A/V: LPs, Cassettes & Records
Photos: Slides

• Owens Breeding, Patricia
Photos: Lifetime collection of Photographic images

• Owens, Rick
A/V: VHS tapes; 8mm films; Audio tapes

• Oyler, Robert & Beulah
Papers: Diary, misc papers, Rosalie and Leslie Cardwell Papers
Photos: Negatives and prints, Rosalie and Leslie Cardwell Photos
Artifacts: Rosalie and Leslie Cardwell items



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