Archive Collections F


• Fabrowicz, VeOra
Papers: Postcards and pamphlets

• Faires, Mary
Papers: Misc.

• Fanelli, Anne
Papers: Joseph A. Fanelli family and professional papers
Photos: Family slides

• Farber, Lenore
Photos: Holy Land

• Farewell, Vivian
Papers: Family scrapbooks, 1947-1956; Army Technical manuals; postcards; WW II periodicals; misc. papers
Photos: Slides; scrapbooks, includes White Sands Missile Range, 1947-56

• Faricy, Richard
Photos: Geographical slides

• Farmer, Otis
Photos: WWII, Japan, dust bowl, Girl Scouts

• Farris, Edward
A/V: Interview with Hugh Milton

• Faubion, Kathy
Photos: Scrapbook of Las Cruces, 1930's

• Favrot, Margaret
Photos: Scrapbooks

• Feldman, Irene
Photos: San Albino Church, Mesilla

• Ferralez, Herculano
A/V: Military oral history

• Feuille, Mrs. Richard
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Fielder, Clarence
Photos: Military

• Fieni, Gabe
Papers: Booklet "A Birds-eye View of WWII

• Finke, Donald
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Finnell, Delight "Dee"
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Finster, Carolyn
Papers: Ecclesiastical; Estate of Archie R. Crouch re: missionary work in China, 1936-1946
Photos: Slides & prints relating to missionary work in China

• Fischer, David
Papers: Postcards
Photos: Travels (90s)

• Fisher, George A
Photos: WWII Scrapbook

• Fitch, Nancy
Papers: Camp Cody, WWI

• Flaherty, Barbara
Papers: Poetry

• Fleck, Marion
Papers: Diary
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Fleissner, Conny
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Fleming, Nancy
Photos: Estate of Frank and Nancy Fleming family photos & slides

• Fleming, Ray
Papers: Military

• Fletcher, Barbara
A/V: reel-to-reel tapes

• Flint, Quinnie M.
Papers: Ranching, family, WSMR
Photos: Ranching, Military, travel

• Foote, Richard
Papers: Memoirs

• Ford, Dr. Quentin and Ruth
Papers: Scrapbooks, Carnival glass
Photos: Prints
Artifacts: Carnival Glass, Academic Robe

• Ford, Reid
Photos: Slides

• Foerster, Elizabeth
Papers: Miscellaneous
Photos: Miscellaneous
Artifacts: Miscellaneous

• Forshaw, Louise
Papers: Maps, clippings, "Centenial Tales", manuscript

• Fortune, Ruth
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Forward in Faith
Papers: Ecclesiastical records

• Foster, Don and Jodie
A/V: Rev. Philip Jones sermons

• Fountain, Art
Papers: regarding Albert J. Fountain, including military (1861-1846) and Mariana Fountain papers

• Francis, Dr. David
Papers: Genealogical

• Francis, Fr. William
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Frank, Andrew
Photos: India, various

• Frank, Cecile
Papers: Letters from Japan

• Frank, Dr. Forrest
Papers: The estate of Andrew and Cecile Frank
Photos: India 1970 & Japan 1987; Postcards, primarily Japanese

• Frank, Col. Fred
Photos: Military

• Frantz, Maria
Papers: Books & Posters
A/V: Tapes

• Franz, Russell
Photos: Slides
A/V: Wire Recordings, primarily Biblical teachings

• Frederick, LeBreck Carol
Photos: Misc slides
Artifacts: Art Collectables, misc household items

• Freeland, Mary E
Photos: Slides
A/V: Phonograph records; Cassettes

• Freeburg, Bob
Photos: Travel and family

• Frerck, Walter August
Photos: Travel, various

• Freyermuth, John
Papers: Cacti poster, exhibit catalogs

• Freyermuth, Meg
Papers: Flyers for art show at Corbett Center, NMSU
A/V: CD by Retsila Gem

• Froelich, Sister Mary Grace
Papers: Scrapbooks, Manuals, Postcards
Photos: Misc photos
Artifacts: Painting

• Fruzzetti, Sondra
Photos: The Helen Decker collection of scrapbooks, 1930s & 40s, includes Nursing, Native Americans, etc.

• Fuller, Eric
Photos: Slides, Alaskan pipeline, Hawaii, family travel; William Brown collection of postcards & photos

• Fuller, Frances
Papers: WWI, WWII, Scrapbooks
Photos: Misc.

• Fuller, Kathy
Photos: Family photos & slides, primarily 1934-1984; includes photos from Vietnam

• Fuller, Mark
Papers: News clippings re: John Meigs

• Fulton, Jean
Papers: Survey & Inventory of IOOF Cemetery Las Cruces, NM
Photos: IOOF Cemetery

• Funk, Laura
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Funkhouser, Barbara
Papers: Scrapbooks and Miscellaneous
A/V: Film Reels, other items



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