Archive Collections C


• Cables, Dorothy
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Cadena, Gerardo
A/V: Matachines video

• Cadena, Maria
Photos: Mexico
Papers: Quinceaneras

• Caldwell, John and Jutta
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Caldwell, Margaret
Papers: Postcards
Photos: Commercial Slides from China & Russia
A/V: Civil War Letters CD Transcripts

• Caldwell, Stephen
Papers: Noteworthy Newspaper Headlines & "Through the Keyhole"

• Calkins, Joanne
Papers: Family papers, certificates, news clippings, manuscripts for play
Photos: Guatemala, travel, family
A/V: Presentation of Guatemalan textiles
Artifacts: Framed paintings & photos; Guatemalan textiles

• Calvert, Charles
Papers: Profiles of the Southwest publication

• Calvert, Lois
Photos: misc slides

• Calvin, Dr. Ross
Papers: Journals
Photos: Travel

• Camarini, Michael and Shari Robertson
A/V: Documentaries

• Cameron, Pat
Photos: Miscellaneous
A/V: Miscellaneous

• Campbell, Fr. Donald L.
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Campbell, Gloria Shelley
Papers: Elisabeth Shelly, Nurse, WWII-diary

• Campbell, Martin
Photos: Slides
A/V: Reel-to-Reel

• Cameron, Patricia L.
Papers: Family papers, postcards
Photos: Family, vintage, travel, slides
A/V: VHS, Cassette tapes, LP Records

• Canada, Lee
Papers: List of Best Movies
A/V: LP Recordings

• Cantebury, The Rev. Marion
Papers: Ecclesiastical; personal and family

• Cantu, William
A/V: Organ Music

• Capen, Vernon
Artifacts: Model ships

• Caprio, Yvonne
Papers: Carlsbad Grace Church Bulletin

• Capstone Productions
A/V: Slaughter Film Collection

• Cardwell, Rosalie
Papers: Newspapers, writings, etc.
Artifacts: Historical

• Carey, Roy and Barbara
Papers: Ecclesiastical, gasoline acquisition reports
Photos: Slides, negatives, prints of family travel
Artifacts: Church vestment dolls

• Carle, Rosemary H
Papers: Records Books
Photos: Slides

• Carlson, Dr. Alvar and Lynne
Photos: Geographical

• Carlton, Thomas
Papers: Army career, copies of medals and photos

• Caroon, Robert G
Papers: Journals "The Historiographer Dio of CT"

• Carpenter, Rex
Papers: Military
Photos: Military

• Carr, Cmdr. Charles C.
Papers: Extensive model railway collection
Photos: Railway

• Carroll, Thomas
Papers: Southern NM History, late 1800's

• Carter, Becky & Robert
Photos: Jazz

• Carter, James
Papers: Maps
Photos: Slides & Prints
A/V: Films

• Carver, Brenda
A/V: VHS of "Watson M Perrygo Expedition 1950-53"

• Casari, Joan
Papers: Robert Best Casari aviation history

• Castro, Rose Mary
Papers: "The Noordam News"

• Cave, Rev. Mr. Daniel E.
Papers: Newspaper Clippings Photos: Misc.
Artifacts: Framed Certificates

• Caywood, Barbara
Papers: McGuffey Readers (Posters, Calendars & Photos)

• Chambers, Denise
Papers: McGuffey Readers (Posters, Calendars & Photos)
A/V: Audio cassettes of New Testament

• Chambers, Othniel and Ardith
Papers: Correspondence, transcriptions
Photos: Family and travel

• Champion, Betty
A/V: VHS Tapes

• Chapman, Allen & Jeneice
Papers: Posters & Covers

• Chappell, John
Papers: Manuscript-Western writing

• Chase, Mariah
Papers: Masters thesis

• Chavaria, Richard
Artifacts: Quiotes

• Chegin, Rita
Papers: Radio show papers, transcriptions, various

• Cherry, William S.
Papers: "American Opinion", & "It's Very Simple".

• Chidester, Judy
Photos: Slides, prints, negatives including Boliva, South America, North Dakota, and others

• Chilton, Darlene
Photos: Slides from Russia
A/V: Audio tapes & reels

• Christian, Leo and Harriet
Photos: Travel

• City Drug, Las Cruces, NM
Papers: Prescription tickets, 1915-1947

• Clark, Frank
Photos: NASA, military
A/V: Military videos

• Clark, Fr. Kenneth R.
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Clark, Robert
Papers: Oral history interview, transcriptions & tapes of Elizabeth Stepanovich
Photos: Slides & scrapbooks
A/V: Audio tapes

• Clark, William
Papers: Mesilla Valley Concert Band programs
Photos: Band Prints

• Clarke, Sharon
Papers: Family Scrapbooks
Photos: Negatives & Prints, Various family
A/V: 8mm Film, Records

• Clawson, Don
Papers: "Is That Something Crew Should Know"

• Clawson, Robert
A/V: Audio tapes; LP Records

• Clayshulte, Georgia Guy
Papers: Mining, crop harvesting

• Clayshulte, Jean
A/V: Home movies, 1940's

• Clayshulte, Mrs John
Papers: Letters and Newsletters from NMSU

• Clegg, Etta
Photos: Travel slides

• Clem, Frederick
Papers: 7th Army Symphony music

• Clement, Christa
Papers: IHSF 1999

• Clemons, Ms. Frankie
Photos: Travel slides

• Coburn, Dr. Horace and Hope
Photos: India

• Cobean, Hial Kenyon (Ken)
Photos: Lifetime professional photographer

• Coburn, Horace & Hope
Photos: Slides & Prints
Artifacts: African

• Coburn, Lynn
Papers: WW II correspondence, Veterans information, miscellaneous papers & pamphlets
Photos: Estate of Lee Tonjas slides & Prints

• Cochran, Almut
A/V: Music

• Cohen, Marcus
A/V: Vintage & rare films

• Cole, Albert and Joan
Photos: World travel slides, family, Albert in military uniform 1951
Artifacts: salt & pepper shakers

• Collins, Della
Papers: Manuscript re: Surrender of Command at Fort Fillmore, NM

• Collins, James
Papers: Papers of life
Photos: Military-Vietnam War

• Collins, Sue Ann Hanning
Photos: Family scrapbooks, photos

• Colson, Evelyn
A/V: Vintage records, 45 & 78 rmp

• Cone, John
Papers: Aviation

• Conley, Gerald
Papers: Vado, NM history

• Conley, Jim
A/V: Oral history of Cordelia Conley

• Conley, Karen S.
Photos: Albums, yearbook

• Conway, Jim
A/V: 16mm film

• Conway, Francis
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Coonly, Bebe
Papers: St. Michael's Foundation, Miscellaneous papers & prints

• Copeland, Darrell
Photos: Ralph Gulliam's travel slides

• Copeland, Janet
Papers: Story of May Guilliams Chaney

• Corbett, Betty
Papers: Roger B. Corbett miscellaneous papers

• Corl, Marcia
Photos: Estate of Carolyn & Norman Rye slides & negatives

• Cornish, Thomas
Papers: Legal papers, 1877-1937

• Corona, Judith
Photos: WWII

• Cotton, Eleanor
Photos: Family

• Coughlin Betty J.
Papers: Sheet music and song books, 1894-1940

• Courtright, John
Photos: Miscellaneous slides
A/V: Film - news reels & family

• Cowan, Al
Photos: St James & Parish Hall

• Cowan, Calvin
Papers: Manuals, pamphlets, misc papers
Photos: Military

• Cowper, Etinne
Papers: Postcard scrapbooks (vintage)

• Cox, David
A/V: LP records

• Cox, Robert
Papers: Military

• Crabtree, Sapp & David Robbin
A/V: LPs and 45s

• Craig, Jordan
Papers: Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

• Craig, Robert
Photos: Slides 1960s-1980s
A/V: Reel films

• Craig, Stella
Papers: San Marcial

• Crane, Dr. Godfrey
Papers: Magazine issues & maps re: WWII Aviation
Photos: Travel slides
Artifacts: necktie, Columbia University

• Crane, Harry
Papers: Military memoir

• Creed, Jeff
A/V: Recordings

• Crocker, James
Photos: Ledeane Studio; Ball's Studio, Tucumcari, NM; Col. William Frick slides

• Crumpton, Kathleen
Papers: WWII
Photos: WWII

• Culbertson, Jeanne
Papers: International travels, articles

• Cundiff, Elaine
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Curran, Prof Louis
Papers: Miscellaneous Maps



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