Archive Collections N


• Nakayama, Rose
Photos: WWII

• Native Plant Society of New Mexico
Photos: 35mm slides of plants

• Neal, Ben
Photos: Slides re: Radiation effects of genetics

• Neal, Rita
Photos: Family and travel
A/V: Family and travel

• Neidig, Don
Manuscript: "The H.S. Miller Estate: A History and a Life" (Digital and Paper)

• Neidig, Kenneth
Papers: Piano music
Photos: 25 carousels of slides
A/V: Audio cassettes, CDs, & VHS tapes, primarily music. Includes Big Band on the Rio Grande and Las Cruces Symphony, Las Cruces, NM

• Nelson, Conrad
Papers: Papers regarding adobe construction; 2 bound volumes of Las Cruces Citizen newspaper
Photos: the Janet Matteson Collection of slides

• Nelson, Mary Carroll
Papers: Personal papers re: Layerist art
Photos: artwork, primarily layerists

• Nelson, Sam & Mary Louise
Photos: Misc
Artifacts: Boy Scout related

• New Mexico Colonial Dames of 17th Century
Papers: Documents & scrapbooks

• New Mexico Historic Preservation Division
Artifacts: Heritage week poster, Chaves County Courthouse by Kenyon Cobean

• Newhouse, William
Photos: Misc slides

• Newman, Jane
Papers: Sermons of The Rev. William Wright, History of St. Clements
Photos: Wedding & Reception

• Newman, Patty
Papers: political papers, 1960s-1990s

• Newman, Rich
Photos: Slides of alchemy and art shows

• Newman Jr, Tom
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Nichols, Margaret
Photos: Tintype- Male ca. 1880's
A/V: Sheet music and military (Vietnam)

• Nichols, Weeden Rockwell
Photos: Color slides 1964-1996, international travel, primarily SE Asia

• Nikaew, Piyasat
Papers: Wall Rubbing from Angkor Watt, Cambodia

• Noble, Edward
Papers: Dover Press
Photos: Misc photos & slides
A/V: Tapes, music reels, cassettes - Big Band, Christmas

• Noel, Annie
Photos: Jonnie Carmen Burroughs photos; Travel Slides
Artifacts: Medals & pins from Vietnam and Korea

• Noel, V. Ore
Photos: Miscellaneous slides

• Norton, Nancy
Papers: Miscellaneous
A/V: Reels

• Norton, Richard
Papers: "Restore"; 1940s military; scrapbooks; baby books
Photos: Negatives & Photos of the aeroplane "Junebug"; Misc Army Airforce
Artifacts: Stamp collection book; signed baseball: military team 1944; uniforms

• Nunez, Ben & Arcielis
A/V: 8-track tapes

• Nye, Enid
Photos: Slides, re: British Columbia and travel

• Nygard, Marion
Photos: WWII portrait



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