Archive Collections


• Pacheco, Leopaldo "Paul"
Papers: Military

• Parker, E.
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Parra, Chito
Papers: Re: Rio Grande and area

• Parrish, Frank
Papers: Nature photography calendars
Artifact: Bust of George Griggs by Tarahumara Indians

• Patterson, Clare
Photos: Family Films

• Patton, Jim
Papers: Prints of Hiram Hadley, NMSU
Photos: Aerial of Las Cruces, Pan Am Center

• Patton Revocable Trust, Juanita E
Photos: Travel slides given by Charles & Nina Schwartz

• Paulson, Karen
Photos: Randy Cahall and baby David

• Payne, John (Mrs)
Papers: John Payne, WWII flight logs, maps, oral history
Photos: Aviation

• Pearlstein, Donald
Artifacts: Spike allegedly from bridge over River Kwai, with information

• Peden, William
Photos: Las Cruces Urban renewel, travel

• Pelking, Scott
Papers: Ecclesiastical, Diocese of The Rio Grande

• Pell, Steve
Artifacts: Pell Family muniments, beer steins, Bibles
Paintings: Family genealogy

• Pendergast, William (Sr.)
Papers: Re: Howard Johnson Restaurants

• Pendergrass, Pat and Mary Lou
AV: Records
Photos: Negatives

• Persson, Virginia
Papers: Scrapbooks, pamphlets, newspapers, sheet music, etc.
Photos: Miscellaneous slides and photos; Postcards;
A/V: Miscellaneous
Artifact: Carnival Glass Bowl

• Peters, Dorothy
Papers: Newspapers on Kennedy assassination, Nixon
Arftifacts: Santo Domingo Thunderbird necklace

• Peterson, Robert
Papers: "Fraser Valley Memoirs"

• Peterson, Susan
Photos: John Meigs

• Peticolas, Bob & Yvette
Photos: Abby Lewis' funeral reception, La Posta

• Pfaeffle, Felix
Papers: "Once Enemies, Now Friends" by C.Miles and F. Pfaeffle, notebooks
Photos: Otero Mesa, Soledad Canyon, DACHS Banquet, slides, Amador Hotel, aerospace photos, slides on "History of Rocketry"
A/V: Zhul petrified wood/ fossil collection at NMSU library, Titan launch site, records, radio broadcast
Maps: Switzerland

• Pfeifer, Charles & Betty
Photos: Slides of Disneyland, Rome, Italy, the Vatican

• Phelps, D.L.
Photos: Geography slides re: northwestern Europe & Far East

• Phillips, Bart
Papers: Postcards
A/V: VHS tapes

• Phillips, Dr. John
Photos: World travel

• Phillips, Jim
A/V: Umatic tapes, Film & Cassettes
Papers: Miscellaneous
Photos: Slides

• Phillips, Stephen and Mary
Photos: prints and slides
A/V: LP's re: William Jennings Bryan & Pearl Harbor, General Douglas MacArthur talk to Congress , films

• Phoenk, C
Photos: Slides

• Picht, Douglas
A/V: Tapes

• Pick, Dr. Robert (Bob)
Paper: Copies of History of Las Cruces and the Mesilla Valley, Dona Ana County survey maps & index, manuscript for California Gold Rush Letters
Photos: Misc slides
Microfiche: Mid-19th century letters (John B Hiberd)

• Pierce, Joy
Papers: Peter Hurd brochure of paintings

• Pierce, Patricia S
Papers: Lake Valley, NM

• Pike, Ruthann
Papers: Genealogies
Photos: Misc prints

• Piland, Doyle
Papers: Research regarding St. Catherine's Monastery in the Sinai, Egypt

• Pirtle, Paul
A/V: Miscellaneous
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Pitcaithley, Dwight
Photos: Slides

• Poeter, Mrs Horace
Papers: Horace Poeter architecture papers

• Polley, Helen
A/V: Records

• Ponce, Michael
Papers: Artwork sketches

• Ponder, Helen
Papers: Political 1980's-90's

• Popp, Daniel
Photos: antique photos

• Popp, Michael & Julia
Papers: Model railway, airplane, carpentry, WWII manuals, Navy training
Photos: Railway, automobiles, WWII, Fort Dix WWI photo, New Mexico, East Coast, Alaska, Arizona, ships, Hoagland Rd- Las Cruces, NM 1961, glass negatives, trees in New Jersey, Nike Hercules rocket, Pat Garrett Family photos & tombstones, World Trade Center - 1985

• Porcher, Elinor Stoney
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Porter, Bill & Caryl
Papers: Letters, music, yearbooks, correspondence of 1918
Photos: Photo Album
A/V: Miscellaneous cassettes and VHS tapes

• Potts, Alice Heard
Papers: Henry Heard Papers

• Poulos, Jo Ann
Papers: Preacher Lewis, Mesilla Valley, NM

• Power, Anne
Papers: travel brochures

• Preston, Sumner
A/V: Records, LPs
Photos: Slides, Negatives

• Pretti, Brad
A/V: Videos
Papers: Ecclesiastical
Photos: Ecclesiastical

• Pribble, Dr Wayne
A/V: CDs with transcription of correspondence 1824-1927
Photos: Microfilm

• Prichard, Dennis & Kathy
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Priestly, Charlotte
Papers: Stamp albums, Jesse A. Isaaks papers - 1900
Photos: family slides

• Priestley, Gene
Papers: Opal Lee Priestley manuscripts and papers

• Priestly, Lee
Papers: Manuscripts of "Journeys of Faith"

• Prince, Gov. L Bradford
Papers: Ecclesiastical correspondence

• Pritchard, Kathy
Papers: Preacher Lewis
Photos: Preacher Lewis

• Pupulidy, A
A/V: 8mm film round the world tour - B36 in Saudi Arabia

• Putnam, James & Delores
Papers: Actual teletype of Kennedy assassination, 1963



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