Archive Collections W


• Wagner, Darrell R.
Papers: US Airforce Academy
Photos: Slides

• Wagner, Eva
Photos: Travel, Germany
A/V: Travel and family including Dr. Wagner's mother, Mrs. Lund, singing in German

• Walker, Duhhaine
A/V: Various Reel-to-Reel films

• Walker, Wes
Photos: Military

• Walkinshaw, Erik
A/V: Reel film, "Around the world voyage on a Swedish sailing vessel"

• Wall, James
Papers: Family, architectural records

• Waller, Elizabeth Carolyn
Papers: Correspondence, Maps
Photos: Slides

• Wallis, Scott
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Walstad, Rev. Joseph
Photos: World travels, scrapbook of Oscar J. Walstad

• Walters, Edward
Papers: Scrapbook, pamphlet
Photos: Mesa Verde print, color photos; Slides of Japan, 1945

• Wanzer, Dr. Orville
Photos: New Mexico native plants and flowers; Kuwait
A/V: Films and sound recordings

• Watkins, Robert
Photos: Las Cruces flood-1935, Boy Scouts-1941

• Waltz, Collette
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Warber, Samantha Maurer
Papers: Masters Thesis

• Watts, David
Photos: Family and travel

• Watts, Philip Howell
Papers: Materials regarding President Richard Nixion

• Weaver, Roger
Photos: Charles Lindbergh, Ernie Pyle

• Weber, David
Photos: Family and travel-1951

• Weber, Mark
Photos: Family and travel

• Weehler, Eldon R
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Weir, Jay
Papers: Miscellaneous historical documents, maps and magazines, primarily relating to New Mexico

• Weir, Linda
Papers: Hungarian Diary

• Weiss, Jack
Photos: Mission Theatre, Mesilla Park, NM

• Wellborn, Elizabeth
Papers: Pamphlets, Newsclippings, etc.

• Wells, Diane
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Wertz, Bruce
Papers: Certificates

• Wertz, Jean
Papers: Scrapbooks
Photos: Slides
A/V: Reels

• West, Billy
Papers: Oriental Characters

• West, Lloyd
Photos: Slides

• West, Lucy
Papers: "Child of Many Rivers" Rio Grande Journeys

• West, Rev Philip
Artifacts: Preacher Lewis Red Stole

• Wheeler, William C.
Papers: Ecclesiastical, farming pecans, personal papers, church records

• White, Blair
Photos: Miscellaneous

• White, Daniel
Papers: Memoirs
Photos: WWII

• White, John M
Photos: The John Green photographic collection of approximately 5000 slides dated from 1975, primarily archaeological sites

• White Sands Missile Range
A/V: U-matic Tapes

• White, Sylvia L
A/V: Film & Records

• White-Buchanan, Lisa
Photos: Family (AL,TN,FL)

• Whitin, Dr Mark
Photos: Slides

• Whittier, Stewart H
Photos: Negatives

• Wiest, Laura
Photos: Slides, New Mexico & foreign travel

• Wilbee, Dr. Robert
Papers: Las Cruces medical organizations

• Wilke, Douglas & Mary
Photos: B&W, Slides of European travels

• Wilke, Harvey
Photos: Travel slides

• Wilkins, Glen
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Willey, Darrell
Papers: Newsletter

• Williams, Bob
Photos: Shuttle 2020

• Williams, Cathy
Photos: slides including family & military (So. Korea, Japan)

• Williams, Frances
Papers: Magazines & Books

• Williams, Jim
Papers: Newspapers
Photos: Miscellaneous slides, photo albums

• Williams, Menita
Papers: St Marys, Williams Funeral Services

• Williams, Robert
Photos: Travel slides

• Williams, Tom
Papers: "Change of Command" USS George Philip

• Williamson, Don
Photos: Negatives - Camp Cody

• Willoughby, Roy
Photos: Negatives

• Willoughby, William & Linda
A/V: VHS, Clyde Tombaugh 90th birthday; reels, Tortugas Pueblo and National Anthem
Artifacts: Estate of Roger E. Mayfield, Jr. Fine Art; Boy Scout Painting

• Wilson, Cheryl
Papers: NM library poster
Photos: St. James Church, Mesilla Park, NM

• Wilson, Fred & Mary
Photos: Miscellaneous, many framed
A/V: VHS tapes and reel films, world travels in 100+ countries

• Wilson, J. R.
Photos: Slides-Travel

• Wilson, Jim
Photos: Geographical slides

• Wimberly, Sue Lewis
Papers: Lewis family history and correspondence
Photos: Lewis family and Mesilla Park, NM

• Winfield-Kutza, Mary
Papers: Personal poems and correspondence

• Winter, Erik
Photos: Various family

• Winters, Joann
Photos: Slides

• Wirthlin, Daphne
Papers: Headliner newspapers & booklets from the Pacific Northwest
Photos: Scrapbook
A/V: VHS tapes of Mt. St. Helens

• Witcher, Tincie
Papers: WWII, School & Time

• Womack, John
A/V: LPs
Photos: Negatives

• Womack, William
Papers: Agricultural
Photos: Agriculture, Las Cruces, travel

• Womack, Phyllis
Papers: Personal papers
Photos: St. Clement's Church, El Paso, TX

• Womack, Samantha
Papers: Reports

• Woo, Denis
A/V: LPs & Tapes

• Wood, Charles
Papers: Records

• Wood, Ed & Donna
Photos: Prints

• Wood, Rev George
Papers: Certificates & Books

Woodbridge, Ralph
Photos: Travel slides

• Wooden, Dr. Sharon
Papers: Scrapbooks & Cookbooks
Photos: Negatives & Photos

• Woods, Donna
A/V: Tapes

• Worthington, Anita
Papers: New Mexico State Society Daughters of the American Colonists

• Wooff, Edward
Photos: Various family
A/V: Cassettes; 50 ft of 8mm film: Las Cruces-Grand Canyon 1966-67

• Wright, Dan
A/V: 78 RPM records

• Wright, Laura
Papers: manuals, American Red Cross & U.S. Dept of Civil Defense
Photos: Dona Ana County, NM Chapter - American Red Cross

• Wright, Loretta
A/V: Miscellaneous



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