Archive Collections


• Mabie, Virginia
A/V: Records
Paper: Books
Photos: Slides, Albums & Photos

• MacCallum, Spencer
Papers: Paragon T-13 propellers and records of manufacture (WWI)
Photos: Misc.
Artifacts: Model Trains

• Macdonald, Edy Lou
Papers: Copy of Hunter Lewis journals, materials on Abby Lewis, paper on Lewis family in IOOF cemetery
Photos: Albums

• MacDonald, Jerry
Paper: Books & Map "Preserved in Stone"

• Mace, Shirley
Book: "Vintage Silhouettets on Glass Reverse Paintings"
Photos: Slides

• Madden, William
Papers: Paragon propellers info
Photos: Planes & Automobiles
A/V: Miscellaneous film

• Maddox, Howard
Artifacts: Paintings, Prints of North American Aviation

Maehl, William
Photos: Slides

• Maltby, Dr. Gregory
Papers: Las Cruces, NM, Ecclesiastical

• Mapes, Bo
Papers: "Office of Bishop"

• Marble, Robert
Papers: Military Papers

• Marckstadt, Tim
A/V: Family films

• Marcus, Mel
Photos: San Marcial

• Marek, Shila
Papers: Miscellaneous
Photos: Miscellaneous
Artifacts: Painting, Orginal Hoover's Cabinet

• Marek, Thomas
Photos: Herbert Hoover's Cabinet (copy)

• Marino, Brother Bernard
Papers: Pamphlets relating to Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery
A/V: CDs

• Marlin, Joe
Photos: Slides re: Aggie Parades, Old Las Cruces

• Marquardt, Joel & Kerri
Papers: Newspapers & Magazines

• Marquardt, Robert
Papers: Ration books and stamps
Photos: Slides

• Marsh, Cheryl
Photos: Family & Travel

• Marsh, Dr Carol
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Marsh, Thomas F
A/V: Film

• Marshall, Sandy
Papers: Advertising packet re: Valmora Sanatorium - 1940's, field notes

• Marsowicz, Daniel
Papers: Master's Thesis: "Shalem Utopia as the Dream Unfolds"

• Martin, Don (Dr)
Papers: WWII, NMSU, Boy Scouts
Photos: Life work, spelunking, Boy Scouts & family

• Martin, Fr Robert
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Martin, Edward
Papers: Military
A/V: Military - Korean War

• Martin, Gene (Dr)
Papers: Geographic materials
Photos: Geographical, Oregon

• Martin, Jim & Mary Ann
Papers: Ranching deeds & papers

• Martin, Judge James, Sr.
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Martin, Naomi
Papers: family and Ecclesiastical
Photos: Slides & Photos

• Martin, Rev William
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Martin, Robert
Photos: Ecclesiastical, NM

• Martinetz, David Friedrich
A/V: 8mm films
Photos: Slides

• Mather, Dr. Eugene (Cotton) & Julia
Papers: Geographical
Photos: Geographical
Publications: Geographical books
Artifacts: Bead Necklaces, Pre-Columbian Onyx

• Matkin, Tommy
Papers: Miscellaneous
Photos: Slides

• Matray, Dr. James
Papers: NMSU History Dept. & Faculty Senate; Far-East Studies

• Mauer, Mitchell
Photos: Military

• Mauer, Patricia
Photos: Picture album - late 1880's

• Maunsell, John
Papers: Scrapbooks, personal papers

• Maxwell, Barbra Seddon
Photos: Aztec, NM 1956

• Mayfield, Ellis O
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• Mayfield, Susan
Papers: Ecclesiastical

• McAhon, Col Jack Estate
Photos: Military

• McArthur, Ray (Daughters)
Photos: Black & white negatives

• McCandless, Dennis H
Papers: Military (copies)

• McCarter, Thomas K
Photos: Greenland - WWII

• McCarthy, Betty J
Photos: Negatives

• McClain, Karin
Artifacts: 1915 Baptisman dress

• McClure, John F
Papers: Lithographs "Amelia Earhart," "Twin Jenny"

• McCune, Bernie
A/V: Miscellaneous tapes

• McDermott, Linda
Papers: "O'Keefe" program

• McDermott, Sherry
Papers: Miscellaneous

• McDowell, John
Papers: John Birch Society

• McFarland, The Rev. Earl
A/V: Navy Sonar Tape (from reel to reel)

• McGregor, Carlton H.
Papers: St. Luke's- Deming

• McKeller, Sarah Scott
Papers: Correspondence, Civil War

• McKinney, Daniel
Photos: McKinney family stores

• McPherson, Dr. Robert
Papers: Diary, manuscripts
Photos: Slides, photographs

• McVay, Amanda
Paper: Re: Veterans History Project

• Meerscheidt., Stuart
Papers: Manuscript by Charlie Saul; Notebook Central Burma, Southern Berma, India, China by Leroy Fisher
Photos: Slides ca. 1947-1949, 1951

• Meigs, John L.
Papers: Art, Navy, Travel, books, diary, correspondence
Photos: Art and artists, Navy, Travel

• Meikrantz, Frances
Photos: Misc

• Meinecke, Jacquelyn
Papers: Moxie magazine

• Meissner, William L.
Papers: Manuscript- Life as a G.I.: Memories of a Common Soldier
Photos: Slides of flowers of New Mexico and Minnesota- 1960-

• Melton, Byron K
Papers: Dr. John Melton
Slides: Clinical dental slides of Dr. Melton

• Melton, Lewis
Photos: Slides of the Soviet Union - 1988
Artifacts: Soviet Union - 1988

• Memorial Medical Center Foundation
Photos: Slides, Scrapbooks 1989-2003

• Mesilla Valley Oral History Club
Papers: Miscellaneous, stamps

Meston, Harvey
Photos: Travel Agency slides

• Metz, Dru & Larry
Photos: Las Cruces Viaduct, 1955

• Midkiff, Judith
Papers: WWI playing cards, Mississippi River Project
Photos: North rim of the Grand Canyon - Judith & Mule

• Miles, Bill & Pat
A/V: films
Photos: Misc.

• Miles, Charles
Papers: Manuscript Once Enemies, Now Friends; Dona Ana County Historical Society miscellaneous papers; Posters of Jimmy Allen; Original funny paper from the Sun Telegram, San Bernadino
Photos: re: Jimmy Allen, Lou Gehrig

• Millard, George
Papers: Peace Corps, aviation; Lactona Brushes; Newspaper clippings re: Walter Mondale celebration; Maps; Badlands, SD; Posters and reprints
Photos: Peace Corps, Peru
Artifacts: Pre-Columbian artifacts, textiles, travel posters, cowhides, prints re: Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Uruguay
A/V: family films- 8mm reels, various VHS & audio cassettes

• Miller, Athal
Photos: Immaculate Heart of Mary scrapbooks - 1993 to 2001 (Las Cruces, NM)

• Miller, Laura
Photos: Travel Slides

• Miller, Stanley
Photos: Slides & Images

• Milligan, Fr Michael
Photos: Ecclesiastical

• Minter, Ilka
Papers: Family, Mesilla Valley, books
Photos: Family, Mesilla Park, NM
Artifacts: Native American baskets

• Miracle, Elizabeth Turney
Papers: Correspondence, Scrapbooks

• Mitchell, John
Papers: Misc
Photos: Misc photos & slides
A/V: 8mm movies

• Miyake, Ida
Papers: Manuscript regarding Japanese Internment camp, WWII
Photos: Japanese internment camp, WWII

• Momsen, Beatrice (Bibi)
Papers: Brazil & travels, Scrapbook of Graf Zeppelin, manuscripts, correspondence
Photos: Foreign travels, MacArthur School, Las Cruces, NM Travel Slides by Frederick C. Stone, Denmark, Mexico
Artifacts: Inuit and other foreign artifacts

• Monroe, Cynthia
Photos: Ecclesiastical - Seminary Scrapbook

• Moore, Ann
Papers: Photos, scrapbook

• Moore, Doris
Papers: Oral history transcriptions, letters, postcards, railroad memorabilia
Photos: Misc

• Moore, James
Photos: Jack Scott slides, Mary Moore slides

• Moorer, Ruth & Lincoln Justice
Papers: Pictures for teaching (40 years), misc papers
Photos: Slides-World Travel

• Mormon, Charles
A/V: DVD - vintage aircraft

• Morrow, Bernadette
Artifacts: Ethnic clothing

• Mott, John
Papers: Vietnam- training manuals, papers
Photos: Vietnam- Landing Zone uplift photos
Artifacts: Vietnam- Med kit, army uniform, Viet Cong black pajamas
A/V: 8mm reels re: Vietnam, Alaska

• Moulder, Catherine Hanna
Papers: Clippings re: Las Cruces area; Miscellaneous
A/V: Miscellaneous
Artifacts: Preacher Lewis baptismal caps

• Mullenax, Lidia
Papers: Chas Mullenax re: veterinary medicine
Photos: Misc

• Muller, Denise
A/V: LPs & Cassettes

• Mulholland, Lynn
Photos: Album, Postcards, Scrapbooks, Slides

• Munro, Pat
A/V: Home Movies

• Munro, William A
Papers: Military
Artifacts: Drafting tools

• Murrell, Scott
Photos: Misc
Artifacts: Astronomy items, Boy Scout uniforms

• Myers, Barbara
Papers: Letters, Postcards



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