Archive Collections


• Raford Studios
Photos: Prints

• Randall, Gregg Osborne
Papers: Gregory Randall Band Papers, Las Cruces High School, Hot Springs High School and others
Photos: Band photos
A/V: Band films

• Ranels, Linden
Papers: Civil War letter to "Cousin Maggie" postcard album, theater & musical programs, playbills; Dr. Wesley Emmet Gatewood journals, 1884-1910; Civil war letters...
Photos: Slides of Samoa, Fiji (1964-1966), Greatwood/Pierrot photos

• Raffi, Valice
Artifacts: Miscelleanous from Nort Dakota

• Rayman, Harold
Papers: Manuscript
Photos: Prints

• Reed, Donovan
Papers: WWII
Photos: WWII

• Rees, John
Papers: Maldon Institute

• Revling, Lorraine
Photos: WWII

• Reynolds, Betty
A/V: Ecclesiastical sermons - The Rev. B Taylor

• Rhodes, Allen
A/V: Reels

• Richey, Chuck
Photos: Slides - Japan

• Richter, Suzanne
Papers: Military Retirement program
Photos: Milirary portrait

• Ridder, John W
Photos: Ecclesiastical

• Riebe, Fr Norman
Papers: Grandfather's diary (copy)
Microfiche: Heberd/Kent family letters (1842-1952)

• Rishel, Alan
A/V: Audio Tapes

• Ritch, Dr. Alden
Photos: Lincoln County War (1878-1879)

• Ritter, Buddy
Papers: Letters
Photos: Military portrait

• Roach Jr, Paul A
Papers: WWII

• Roberts, Becky
Papers: Methodist instruction manual of Zenas Roberts

• Roberts, Marty
Photos: NMSU Panhellenic scrapbook & photos

• Robson, Paul
A/V: Tapes & Film
Photos: Slides & Negatives
Papers: "Reminisce" Magazine 2008-2012, Books, Atlas

• Rodden, Mary
Photos: Studio Photos from 1918-2012

• Rodriquez, Michael
Papers: Political
A/V: Immigration

• Roegge, Daria
Papers: WWII nursing papers
Photos: WWII nursing photos

• Rogers, Charles
A/V: Family films (1933-1962)

• Rogers, Joseph
Papers: Military- WWII

• Rogers, Phyllis
Photos: Miscellaneous

• Rollag, Tom
Photos: Aerial

• Root, Ted
Papers: Manuscript
Photos: Misc

• Rose, Charles
Papers: WWII
Photos: WWII

• Ross, Father Edmund
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Ross, Jan
Papers: TRW
Photos: Family

• Ross, Robert
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Roundtree Cotton Gin - Charles & William Tharp
Maps: Framed (21" x 34")

• Roush, Judy
Papers: Music

• Ruedt von Collenberg, Judith
Books: Extensive library of World War II

• Ruetzel, Herbert
Artifacts: Damascus, Syria

• Ruggles, Dr. Richard
Photos: Slides-Russian

• Rummel, Jack
A/V: Miscellaneous

• Runyan, Marilyn
Photos: 19th century photos of Zuni Pueblo & Indian camps

• Rutherford, Vincent A
Papers: "The Rutherford Repent" 1979 memoir
A/V: Reels
Photos: Slides

• Ruthven, Father Scott
Papers: Miscellaneous

• Ruetzel, Herbert
Artifacts: Drill found in Damascus Syria - antique, wooden

• Ryan, Dorothy
Papers: Thesis on Bishop Howden (microfiche)

• Ryer, Joseph
A/V: Records



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